David Baldacci Month #3: Zero Day, The Forgotten, The Escape

Zero Day

As a combat veteran and the top investigator in the US Army Criminal Investigation Unit John Puller has seen his fair share of action. However, nothing could’ve prepared him for the conspiracies he was about to uncover after being called on to investigate a brutal crime scene in the midst of West Virginia coal country. As with all Baldacci novels this is fast paced, action packed, and full of twists and turns.There’s just enough technical jargon and military background information to fully inform the reader without detracting from the overall story. And what a story it is! This is thoroughly absorbing and it really made me think. Just when I thought I knew where the story was headed it took a sharp turn in a completely different and exciting direction creating enough suspense that putting it down was impossible. I really enjoy how the end leaves the possibility for another John Puller story.

The Forgotten

The second book in the John Puller series has the top investigator working on a case that hits way too close to home. After his aunts death is ruled a tragic accident Puller digs deeper uncovering a conspiracy that goes much further than his aunts former home of Paradise, Florida. I was so glad to see another John Puller novel as the first one was absolutely amazing. Baldacci never fails to deliver when it comes to books that will keep you on the edge of your seat. This book starts out a little slower than the first Puller book, Zero Day, but it stays intriguing throughout, and once the pace picks up it doesn’t stop until the book is finished. I love the way Baldacci writes thrillers. It’s fun to try solving the mystery along with Puller though the end still ended up being a surprise. It made me consider reading through the book a second time just to see if I could pick up any clues I missed the first go around. This is an absolute must read for any fans of thrillers, mysteries, and suspense.

The Escape

Puller is back, this time as a top investigator specially called on to track down the most wanted criminal in the country, his own brother, Robert. As Puller begins the hunt for Robert he finds out he’s not the only one seeking his brother and he begins learning about some troubling aspects of Roberts conviction. In true Baldacci style, especially when it comes to the John Puller stories nothing is as it seems and that’s what I’ve come to love about this series. The story is thoroughly engrossing and the details about the inner workings of the US security agencies make it hard to believe Baldacci never worked in government. This is probably the best book in the John Puller series as it proposes situations that make you start to wonder if these stories are about a real person. The conspiracy theories in this story kept me guessing till the very end and I was sad to put this book down when I was finished reading it simply because there isn’t another John Puller novel to read.


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