David Baldacci Month #4: Absolute Power, Total Control, The Winner, Saving Faith

Absolute Power

A professional burglar sneaks into a high security mansion to steal valuable possessions. However, the robbery goes wrong as the burglar sees the murder of a billionaire’s wife by secret service agents.

David Baldacci is great with leaving cliff hangers at the end of each chapter. They are so good, you will want to turn to the next page when you should be doing something else important.

Plot can be overly dramatic at times. Odds are heavily stacked against the good burglar. So you would think the burglar would end up dying or getting beaten horribly but instead miraculously succeeds without loss. However, if you don’t mind the over the top plot, Absolute Power will keep you entertained to the end.

Total Control

A promising young executive works his hardest to give his family the best the world has to offer. Little does he know he will walk straight into a plane crash trapping him in a web of conspiracy filled with lies, murder, blackmail, and betrayal.

Total Control is such a perfect thriller you will not be realizing you are spending countless hours reading it. The book is buried deep within espionage and strange characters.

Greed of money is the main theme of Total Control. Limitless amount of money can be used to control people in places of authority as if they were an obedient pet animal.

The Winner

An impoverished mother by destiny encounters a con man running a massive lottery scam deep within the National Lottery. She rightly refused the offer until a false accusation of murder claimed her insignificant life.

What makes The Winner an exciting story is how outrageous that someone could single handedly rigged the lottery and secretly manipulates people’s lives. But because the characters are so life like you will not notice the impossibility of such thing happening. Anyone can relate to the impoverished mother, regardless of gender. And no matter how much money the impoverished mother received, she will remain a struggling woman you will care about. The far-fetched plot creates such suspense that you will be drawn in to read what happens next while realistic characters help to make the story more believable.

Saving Faith

FBI is interviewing a young woman who is involved in too much conspiracy. She is marked for death, but as a private investigator stumbles into the middle of an assassination attempt, a FBI agent is killed in her place.

While not the best of David Baldacci’s novels, the story’s plot offers highly believable insight on how backroom wheeling and dealing in Washington is so morally bankrupt for the normal American citizen.

My biggest disappointment of Saving Faith it shares too much similarities with Pelican Belief almost as if it were cliché. The young woman is beautiful and smart. She is so tough she can survive all by herself. An aging father figure who served as a mentor. Bad guys are stereotyped as federal government personnel with powers beyond a normal human. Highly trained international assassins somehow managed to miss the young woman. Even if you put Pelican Belief out of the picture you most likely heard a different story feeling just like the plot in Saving Faith.


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