John Grisham Month #1: A Time To Kill, Sycamore Row, The Firm, The Pelican Brief

A Time to Kill

After Carl Lee Hailey’s daughter is raped by a group of men, Hailey takes matters into his own hands and murders all of them before they can even go to trial. That’s when a young lawyer Jake Brigance steps in and takes his case, Hailey puts all of his faith in Brigance, that he can get him acquitted of his crimes.

This is one of the only books that you root for the person that committed the crime. The unspeakable things that they did to the little girl, sent Hailey on a downward spiral and you want to murder the guys that did it as well. John Grisham took something that many people dream of doing to people that have done something wrong to an innocent and shows what happens when someone acts on it. What Hailey did was wrong but you keep reading, praying that he get acquitted for the crime that he committed.

Sycamore Row

The book takes you back to Ford County in Clanton Mississippi and you get to see what happens to Jack Brigance after the Hailey trial. Brigance has lost everything since the trial but then he receives a holographic will in the mail from Seth Hubbard, Hubbard hung himself from a tree because he was terminally ill. The new will leaves his children with nothing and the rest go to his brother, housekeeper, and the church. Now he has to make sure this will is used instead of the last one, which gives his greedy children everything.

Sycamore Row gives you a look at what happen Brignace after the trial and how his life has changed so much, including losing just about everything from the trial. You feel sympathy for Brignace and even though he is down, he’s still fighting for what’s right for the little guy.

The Firm

After a young lawyer, Mitch McDeere joins the law firm of his dreams; he learns quickly that there is something afoot there. After investigating the deaths of lawyers in the firm, he finds out that most of the income that they generate is from tax fraud and money laundering. McDeere must figure out how to get justice, while trying to keep himself and family safe for the firm.

This book is a page-turner; you end one chapter and have to start the next to see what happens to McDeere. Will he work with the FBI and put all of the attorneys away in prison or will he just steal money himself and flee with his family? If you want to know what happens read the book it’s better than the movie.

The Pelican Brief

After two Supreme Court Justices are assassinated, a law student Darby Shaw finds a connection between the two murders that led back to an oil tycoon, Victor Mattiece, who wants to drill in a marshland that contain a majority of the pelicans in that area. Both Justices were environmentalist and would have shot down his appeal for the land. Now Shaw much proves that he is the one behind the assassinations before he assassinates her for finding the truth.

This book starts out with the murders and has you keep reading until Shaw gets justice for his wrongdoing. Grisham really captures the goodness of his characters, and that is why most of his books like this one have a lawyer that wants to do right for the people.


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