John Grisham Month #2: The Client, The Chamber, The Rainmaker, The Runaway Jury

The Client

The story is about a boy who witnesses a suicide. The man before killing himself divulges information about location of dead body of a murdered senator by his mob boss. The boy, Mark has to decide if he needs to contact FBI or keep the information to himself to save his life and family.

The book is a real page turner. Once you start you will want to keep reading it. The only weakness that I presume was author skipping from one part of the story to next. At start he talks everything around Mark and then suddenly he would switch to FBI talking on how to get information from Mark. The book however does a great job in keeping you tied with the plot starting right from the beginning. The book is recommended for someone who likes fast paced action and story that can bind the reader from the beginning.

The Chamber

Three men plant a bomb at attorney’s office that kills two children. One bomber is captured and receive death sentence. While he is waiting for his death row, a young attorney Adam takes up his case. The story is about their interaction and efforts to stop execution.

The client is a courtroom thriller that revolves around young man who enters into a deep confrontation with his identity and values. The book is certainly enjoyable and it examines one’s thought and beliefs. Last part of the book is really worth the whole read and it did wring out my emotions. Most of the people would look for an interesting happy ending but if you like happy ending then this book may be out of your league.

The Rainmaker

Rudy just got out of the law school and is totally broke. He can’t find a job. He passes the bar and just in time he got a chance to represent against insurance company for a not so wealthy family.

I just love the way this book presented with unexpected twists and turns. The characters are quite stereotype but are quite brilliantly represented. The story ends on a happy note with some bitter elements. The large, evil insurance corporation got the bitter taste of the feud. The story was quite slow during the start but as pages were turned it became more and more exciting. The last part was surprisingly exciting and will not let you keep the book down until the end.

The Runaway Jury

A tobacco company is sued by a widow whose husband died of lung cancer. Other tobacco companies grouped together for common interest and hires Fitch to make up things. Fitch hires investigators and guys to influence jury. He is not able to find much about one member Nicholas Easter.

The story is full of unexpected turns. Fitch is played several times by Nicholas and Marlee. It was quite interesting to see Fitch and his men investigating things to solve the mystery. The characters are brilliantly developed. The ending was also quite nice with some unexpected twist and turn. The book is quite engaging and once you start, it is not quite easy to put it down. The book is not perfect but still enjoyable. Sometimes too much technical terms about tobacco like addiction or nicotine may become tedious but overall the book is worth a read.


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