John Grisham Month #4: The Appeal, The Associate, The Confession, The Racketeer

The Appeal

This is a 2008 novel by Grisham. The appeal is a subject of election and legal manipulation in Mississippi. The story starts with a small law firm run by West Payton and Mary Grace that wins a major verdict in a court case in Mississippi. The case is about a chemical company that distributes pollutant substance that causes cancer. The corporation is loud about its defense and commences investigation against the lawyers of the small firm. It wants to win its legal appeal. The Supreme Court in Mississippi is divided, and a supportive judge could make the difference.Now as the case proceeds, different interest groups are interested in the case. Politics and money begin to play in as one corrupt senator seeks the assistance of a firm known for rigging election targeting to eliminate one of the judges through an election. You definitely need to read this book and understand the insights and how judicial manipulation is done.

The Associate

This is mystery of a young graduate from Yale Law School, Kyle Mcavoy hopes to have a successful career after graduating. However, upon his graduation, he is approached by two guys purporting to be FBI agents. They plot to expose Kyle of keeping secret of his two fraternity brothers who were caught on a video tape having sex with a girl who claimed she was raped in Kyle’s apartment. He is coerced to co operate with the Bennie, the sex tape owner and the two FBIs. His first instinct is to ignore Bennie. This is a must read book. You need to see how the events will unfold for the young graduate. The action was great and it felt like Reacher-lite.

The Confession

This is about the arrest of innocent man for the murder of a high school cheerleader.The real killer has been a regular criminal and he is in police custody. Donté, the innocent man is detained and he is to face execution. Another one where you’re gripping the pages as you turn them, unable to go to sleep.

The Racketeer

This is about an African American Malcolm Bannister. Bannister took a transaction of a secluded hunting ground at the spot where some crooks invited corrupt Congressmen for orgies with underage girls. The scandal was exposed and Bannister was arrested in a large FBI raid of the place. He was charged under racketeering charge sheet despite his innocence. This is also one of the most unfortunate and thrilling event. The matter is with the court, you have to follow what happens to the innocent banister branded a racketeer.

It’s one that takes a little bit to get into. I was at 20% on my Kindle before I started to dig it.


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