Harlan Coben Month #1: Deal Breaker, Drop Shot, Fade Away, Back Spin

Harlan Coben is an award winning writer, having won the Edgar award, Shamus award and Anthony award. His books have been published in 41 different languages across the globe and have been best sellers in more than half a dozen countries worldwide. Some of his best-selling books include Deal Breaker, Drop Shot, Fade Away and Back Spin, all which are books found in the Myron Bolitar series. This series has been named so because of the fact that Myron Bolitar plays as the lead character in all the books found within this series. For this article, we will quickly look at and review, the above mentioned four books found in this series.



Deal Breaker is the first book in the Myron Bolitar series. It focuses on Myron Bolitar, a budding sports agent who works with his most prized client, rookie quarterback Christian Steele. However, the deal starts to get sour when a former girlfriend to Christian, who the police and everyone knew was dead, calls Christian. Myron is now left with the task of unraveling the truth surrounding a woman’s secrets, a man’s lies and a Family tragedy, which leads him to the darker side of his business. This book is very intriguing. It’s full of twists and turns and lots of drama, as Myron now uncovers secrets that put his life on the line. This to me is great piece of art from Coben. The plot is engaging to the reader and you will definitely not sleep on this book when reading it. For someone looking for a book that will keep his/her eyes busy and the mind lost in the character’s world, this is the book for you.



In this second book of the Myron Bolitar series; Myron is back at it again, now digging into the truth behind the murder of one tennis player Valerie Simpson. This tennis player is gunned down in cold blood soon after her tennis career skyrocketed. Myron, still the same old sports agent, starts digging out the truth behind this murder which makes him brush shoulders with a dirty U.S. senator, a jealous mother and the mob. He also uncovers a connection between the two players and a murder at an exclusive mainline club six years back. In his thirst for the truth, he actually sets himself up as next in line for assassination as the people he is investigating want him to shut up and stop digging into what does not concern him. This book is very captivating in my opinion. We can see that Myron is gradually being shaped by Coben into a homicide investigator, and one who knows how to go around his job very well. For this book I’ll side with what the Los Angeles times Book review said:”Engaging……hilarious.”



Myron comes back in this third book of the series, with a little personal touch. This time, his own past comes to haunt him as he is called in by the owner of the New Jersey Dragons Basketball team to investigate into the disappearance of a missing player, and not just any player, Myron’s former basketball rival. As he digs in, so does he get drawn deeper into an entangled web of a dead body, blackmail, out-of-control gambling, a very messy custody suit and thugs’ revenge intent. Unresolved issues from Myron’s own past surface, as the case gets more complicated putting him to test as to whether personal pain will hinder his performance in digging out the truth. This book is suspense filled as Myron’s past gets unearthed and stories about why he left active sports 10 years back surface. This third book in the series is a must read in my opinion and the fact that we finally get to see the inner of Myron really sets one’s nerves tingling in anticipation.



After surviving the quite personal ordeal in the third book of this series, Myron is fully back in action again. This time, the teenage son of Linda Coldren, a super-star golfer, is missing having being kidnapped by unknown people. Myron comes to the rescue and gets deeper into the dirty truth surrounding the kidnapping. As he unearths clues and the truth surrounding the kidnapping, he is taken back in time twenty three years ago to a US open, a cheaters’ motel downtown and the Main Line mansions. Danger never leaves this hero as he gets himself surrounded by criminals, blue bloods and liars during his investigation and with the discovery of a dirty family secret surrounding the kidnapping, thing only get rougher. Myron has grown to be a skilled investigator through this series. This new challenge sees him employ skill and wit to uncover the truth and get clues for the case at hand. This is a captivating book indeed in my opinion, truly living to the publisher’s words,” Another winner…Pungent observations, indelibly drawn characters and a twisting surprise-laden plot.”


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