Harlan Coben Month #2: Shelter, Seconds Away, Found


Harlan Coben comes out with another beauty and this time its Mickey Bolitar’s Series who is apparently the nephew of Byron on whom the Harlan has written a whole series earlier .The Journey of Mickey Starts by the Book Shelter, This story revolves around the suspense of his girl friend who is missing, dead father whose death itself is a mystery and his new found buddies. The friendship between Mickey , Ema and Spoon has been portrayed beautifully,If Spoon brings comic then Ema brings intelligence . Bonding between these three keeps on increasing as the story progress and thus entertain us to a very large extent till end.
If you are a thriller loving person then this book is a must read for you, Every page keeps you on your toes and as you keep turning the pages you keep guessing but eventually the author exceeds your imagination and becomes successful in thrilling you each time.

Seconds Away:

The next book on Mickey Bolitar is “Seconds Away”, It is highly recommended that you read Shelter first before reading the second edition , so that you can enjoy “Seconds Away” to the maximum. You still can manage to read the “Seconds Away “with out reading Shelter but that would take a good amount of fun out of it. If The “Shelter” kept your interest in finding the Missing girlfriend of Mickey, the “Seconds Away” would keep you guessing about his friend Rachel and the shooting associated with her, At the same time searching of Butcher of lodz keeps the story alive who is linked to the death of Mickey’s dad. The friendship between Mickey, Spoon and Ema has increased a lot with the passing time, They know each other better now. Comic timings of Spoon and Sarcasm of Ema will keep you entertaining in this edition as well

If you are a person who is a action lover then this would come as a treat for you, The story never looses the interest of the reader and at times also puts the morality at stake and making you think what would you have done if you were in place of Mickey Bolitar


Here comes the third and the final installment of Mickey Bolitar series named as “Found”, This edition creates more suspense compared to the previous two books , While mystery behind Mickey’s dad continues there are many more which are added. There are new troubles for Mickey such as hatred by his basket ball team members, Hospitalization of his best buddy Spoon and the new found online boy friend of Ema who is mysteriously missing and plot becomes more interesting by the fact that Ema has never met the guy before.

Just like the second edition even this book could be followed if you have not read the earlier two books in the series, but as told earlier it is highly recommended that you read first two books of this series before you start reading “Found” in order to enjoy it completely. This is book is complete a package of action, comic and thriller. The Magical touch of Harlan can be found on every page.

If you like Shocking endings then you are very lucky because Harlan will not disappoint you.


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