Harlan Coben Month #4: Six Years, Missing You, The Stranger, Hold Tight


The book centers around Jake Fisher, a college professor who immerses himself in his work in order to forget the love of his life, Natalie, who got married to another guy 10 years ago named Todd. Things take a turn when Jake sees an obituary in the paper of Todd but the widow he thought to see weeping is not his former lover, Natalie. Jake goes on a fact finding mission and in the process discovers that there is more to this than meets the eye. No one seems to remember who he is and Natalie is nowhere to be found.

A good book, way above average. I loved, especially the suspense part because when you think you have the book figured out that’s when things change and it kept me glued to the book.


This book is about a detective by the name Kat Donovan who stumbles upon the profile of his ex fiancĂ©, Jeff, who she hasn’t seen in 18 years. She feels that this is an opportunity presented by destiny for her to make things work this time with Jeff but as she dives into this world once more she realizes tha there is so much to this that she hadn’t expected. Murders are involved and she even finds out the truth about her father’s death many years ago. With lies flying around, she wants answers from Jeff and her mother.

This is one of the best tale twisting books I have read in some time. The plot and suspense is just amazing and as soon as I opened the book, putting it down was a problem till I got through with it.


Adam Price is happily married to Corinne and have two children together. They have the perfect little life while living in an affluent neighborhood in New Jersey but their idea of a perfect marriage is put to the test by a stranger who tells Adam that Corinne faked a pregnancy som time back. Adam investigates and when he confronts his wife about it, she disappears. This stranger then continues to tell other people of their secrets and questions emerge as to who this stranger is.

A good thriller on my part as to how the secrets were presented and how the stranger came to know of them. One of my best books by this writer I must add.


This thriller is more about parenting and what it’s all about really. Tia and Mike Baye are parents of Adam who, after the suicide of a classmate from school named Spencer Hill, starts acting different and the parents install a spy software on his computer. They then figure out that Adam has been communicating with a certain stranger. Meanwhile, Betsy Hill, the mother of the deceased stumbles upon a photo in the collection of the memorial of his son put together by his class mates, that has Adam on the background. But then Adam goes missing and the whole community is thron into disarray.
This book was just amazing, the plot was well thought of and orchestrated and has a lot of parenting lessons involved.


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