Stephen King Month #1: Carrie, The Shining, The Stand

Stephen King,an American born author who specializes in the field of horror,supernatural friction,suspense and fantasy was born on September 21,1947. The proud owner of several international awards the Alex award and the Edgar award, a few to be mentioned, has the reputation of selling more than 35 million books world wide. Out of the many books that he has written,i am here to mention just a few.


Plot Summary: A young girl,Carrie White is subdued and ridiculed by the people around her until she finds that she posses telekinetic abilities. The world around her changes drastically as she turns herself to a monster and finally ends up killing her own mother,who in turn also stabbed her to death.

Review: The author who received high appreciation for his debut book. The book is a marvel for any reader as it gives the correct blend of suspense,thrill and horror to the reader. The author here describes the society through the eyes of the protagonist, Carrie White, who seems to represent the less privileged and the humiliation they have to bear. The story which finally turned to a feature film, overall is a great read for any horror and thrill lover.

The Shining:

Plot Summary: The story revolves around the life of a family of three, where the father is opting out on his last opportunity for his writing and teaching career, to work on which the family shifts to a deserted hotel and the life of the characters change drastically. Jack,the father feels that the hotel is alive and follows its dictation and tries to kill his wife and son. However, they are able to be rescued finally to safety.

Review:Jack, the father in the story is a curious guy, who seems to be always curious of that happening around him. His curiosity makes things worse for the family. However, it is a delight for horror and suspense lovers. It is confusing at times for the readers to guess whether its Jack himself who under some mental strain is forcing himself in the acts or is he really directed to do them. However,as a matter of fact, that is what holds on the suspense till the last word of the story. Its a must grab for suspense lovers.

The Stand:Plot Summary:Captain Trips, a virus of influenza developed as a biological weapon, is accidentally spread all over the world,killing 99.4% of the total world population. Out of the 0.6% that survive, the are divided into two groups , the good and the evil and try to survive in their own way.

Review:The sixth book published by the author gave the readers enough reason to be happy with their purchase. The book keeps along Stephen King’s flavor of suspense and horror in the story. The author also shows in his book the good and the evil aspects of life. The book tries to give a social message to the society as well. There are great twists and turns in the story which makes it tough to put it down, once you start with it.

These are just a few of the 54 novels and nearly 200 short stories published by the author so far. Stephen King, one best horror story writer of all time, is also popular under the pen name of Richard Bachman and have written 7 novels under his pen name.


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