Stephen King Month #3: Misery, The Green Mile, Different Seasons

Misery Novel Review

This is a psychological horror done in 1987 by Stephen King. The book is very smart and this has made it feature in the Hollywood films. The main character in this novel is known as Paul Sheldon who is also a writer of Victorian-era novels and involves the character of Misery Chastain who finishes his new manuscript of the crime novel entitled “First Cars”. He was doing the writing while staying at the Hotel Boulderado. He did all the first drafts of his novels while in this smart hotel. Once he is done with the project, he decides to drive to Los Angeles while drunk instead of flying back to his home in New York City. Accidentally, a snow storm hits his car while driving and this makes him drive off a cliff and eventually falls into a snow-bank. A nurse known as Annie Wilkes who lived next to sidewinder is the one who came to rescue Sheldon. She decides to host her in her home instead of taking her to hospital for treatment. Annie uses her own skill and nurses Paul to a healthy situation.

To read more on this smart horror novel, then you can go online for the complete book. It is a very nice book you will enjoy reading.

The Green Mile review

This is a serial novel published in 1996 as one of the best works of Stephen King. It is an example of magical realism that was once a six volume before being compressed into a single novel. The character who features in this book is called Paul Edgecombe who at one time is an old man and works in Georgia Pines nursing home in 1996. He tells his story to his Elaine Connelly who is a fellow resident. He also features as he works as a block supervisor of the Cold Mountain Penitentiary death row in 1932. At this place, he is nicknamed “The Green Mile” based on the linoleum floor color. In this same year, a very big and powerful man known as John Coffey who is charged for murder and raping two young white girls appears. John finds and interact with his fellow prisoners who are also rapist and murders namely Eduard Delacroix and William Wharton. This is just but a small summary of the horror novel, you will always find it very entertaining. Find this novel online and you will definitely love it.

Different seasons review

This is a horror fiction comprising of four novellas by Stephen King. Done in 1982. These four books include: “The Breathing Method”, “Apt Pupil”, “Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption” and “The Body”. The four novellas are very interesting as they entail a very smart drama bent. Out of these four books, three of them have featured in the Hollywood films hence very smart books. They are horror books that you can watch online or get to read the story by finding the novel online.

These are some of the highly rated works by Stephen King you can always find online. There are more horror work that you will definitely enjoy reading or watching. Get these novels today and you will love the horror story.


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