Stephen King Month #4: Doctor Sleep, Under The Dome

Doctor Sleep

Stephen King’s novel, Doctor Sleep, is a belated follow-up to The Shining novel and finds Jack’s son, Danny, grown up and struggling with his own battles. He is wrestling a match with alcohol, and struggles to find steadiness and use his power for a good purpose.

Doctor Sleep is extremely amazing! It is a compelling novel about a man who is no longer held captive with his demons- Danny. Moreover, he has known where to look when in need of them. The novel has a positive, anything-is-achievable feel that is expected from somebody who has managed to be sober for a quarter of a century with a rather smartly designed plot!

Stephen King briefly gives an update of what happened to Danny, his mother and the cook as well. In Danny’s later life, the novel becomes less scary than the first one. The Shining novel is the scariest novel of them all. However, Stephen King’s storytelling and capability to scare are still impressively strong. Even though it’s a follow-up, this is a very different tale from the Shining novel, with just a little relation. The Overlook hotel blew up and Jack died. In addition, there are still echoes from the past. The novel is not as much of a continuation as it is a new tale starring old characters. You should really read this noel if you are King’s fan. Expect to experience the same level of terror and amusement without any disappointments.

Almost forty years later, the world has actually changed, but King still scares the hell out of me! What makes him an amazing writer is the fact that he is always unpredictable!

Under The Dome

Stephen King’s Under the Dome novel is about Jim Rennie, who is very life-like and effective villain. He goes about creating a dictatorship and protagonists endeavor to stop him creating more eagerness and suspense with every twist and turn.

Stephen King’s skilled in illustrating that regularly the worst horror is created by an ordinary person in a catastrophe. I downloaded the novel after watching it on a TV show. At first, some changes really threw me off but finally drew me in once more. I would recommend readers to read when they are able to dedicate their time to the book. Furthermore, the large population is a lot for one to keep up with.

This is a story with so many layers attached to it. It comments on themes that relate to political ambition, the environment, corruption and human nature as well. It really made me believe that today’s world is a large dome and that most of our actions have consequences in the long run. The novel shows how the pride of influential people can mess up other people’s lives if they aren’t keen.

I was interested the most with the antagonists who turned out to be devout zealots, who deemed God to be with them in their evil doings. Under the Dome is impressive. The time duration is diminutive, but the novel deals with more than two thousand lives that have been trapped in a flammable house. This is truly terrifying and an incomprehensible circumstance!

And thanks to this page for a list of all of the Stephen King novels. Was hard picking some and I’m easily going back for more.


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