Lee Child Month #1: Killing Floor, Die Trying, Tripwire

In Lee Child Month #1 we are going to review three books. These are Killing Floor, Die Trying, and Tripwire. I’ll go over each plot giving a brief overview, so you guys can know what you’ll read next.

Killing Floor
This one is a novel by Lee Child, that was first published by Putnam in 1997. It won the Anthony Award and was also the best novel winning the Barry Award.

Ever heard of the character Jack Reacher? It was in this novel that he first appeared. Just a few pointers to get your feet wet. Spoiler alert.
After finding a phone number in a dead man’s shoe, he calls and tricks the person that answers the call to say his name. The name of the person is Mr. Hubble. He is able to prove his innocence with the help of Roscoe, a female police officer who’s in love with Reacher. From there on the plot delves into new issues with Reacher trying to destroy a counterfeiting operation with his new acquaintances.

Die Trying
This is the second novel Lee Child wrote to give sequence to the series. It was first published by Putnam in 1998 and the striking thing is that it’s written in the third person. Spoiler alert.
In this plot, you’ll see Jack Reacher stranded and out of cash. He’ll be working as a doorman when suddenly he finds himself involved in the kidnapping of Holly Johnson, an FBI agent. Just as her colleagues are figuring out her sudden disappearance, Reacher is the one that gets involved in following around the country the van she’s in, in order to track it and set her free. Just as Reacher is getting blamed for her kidnapping, he is quickly innocented by general Leon Garber who’s able to prove his innocence. From there on Jack teams up with Holly and they move on to the next plots of the series.

This is the third book in the series by Lee Child. It was also published by Putnam in 1999 in America and in the UK by Bantam. Spoiler alert.
This plot is a bit longer and more complex. However, here you’ll find Jack Reacher who was working two jobs, being one in a strip club. He gets involved in the kidnapping of two people who are being blackmailed for the ownership of their company. Their lawyer who was kidnapped with them is forced to call Jack Reacher and appoint a meeting in his office. There Jack Reacher is shot in the chest but doesn’t die, given his hard works as a pool cleaner, which rendered him to have a very strong chest with thick muscle fibers. Later on this chest wound is mentioned in other novels with Jack being a tough character.

If you haven’t yet gone through these novels you should start by the first one. This way you’ll get acquainted with the main character Jack Reacher. Many readers say that he gets tougher with each novel and never stops to surprise as his able to solve all problems he encounters in his way. He’s like the normal John Doe with guts for being a detective.


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