Lee Child Month #4: The Hard Way, Bad Luck & Trouble, Nothing To Lose


PLOT. Jack Reacher has been recruited by the director of a military firm that is private to rescue his stepchild and wife who he believes has been kidnapped. Reacher has also witnessed the exchange of a million dollars. In the process of uncovering clues that will lead to the rescue of the child and the wife, he learns of the director’s past that involves a murder spree and a plot that is against his ex associates. He comes in contact with an ex-FBI agent that has turned private investigator and she gives him a hand in the investigation to unravel the truth behind the kidnapping. The novel is primarily set in New York.

REVIEW. For a thriller, the book is great and Lee Child handles the characters quite extensively hence you as the reader has that feeling that you are on first name basis kind of relationship with the characters. The plot is also plausible and leaves you on the edge of your seat each moment you turn a leaf to the next page.


PLOT.A man is thrown out of a helicopter at over 3000 feet in the California desert. Meanwhile, an anonymous deposit has been made in Jack Reacher’s account of $1030 but he interprets this as an old army code 10-30 that means help needed urgently. This money was sent by Neagley who is an old comrade in an ex-elite military squad with Reacher. They meet up and discover that their former squad’s members are being hunted down one by one. They contact people in the defense headquarters and they find out that there is a conspiracy involving millions of dollars.

REVIEW.This plot is amazing and it brings out the Reacher character that we have so grown to love. The characters are amazing too and each part of the book is a masterpiece of its own. Once you start reading this book it’s litteraly hard to put it down. This is personally a thriller classic from Lee Child.


PLOT.In this novel of the Reacher series, he has decided to travast the country and he ends up in this town called Despair where he is literally kicked out for just turning up there. A deputy picks him up on the border of the town between Despair and Hope and in the process they strike up a friendship and try to find out what Despair is upto. They find out that Despair is run by one man who owns a metal recycling plant. There is also a military base that is a two miles away. Despair has so many secrets but they won’t be revealed that easily. When Reacher comes to town the people of Despair have something to hope for considering the past that is associated with Reacher.

REVIEW.This twelveth novel in the Reacher series is fast paced and packed with suspense that will keep you guessing till the end of the book. It is so rich in characterization and the plot is absolutely amazing. Something you would expect to see in a Hollywood blockbuster.


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