James Patterson Month #1: Kiss The Girl, Along Came A Spider

James Patterson was born on 22nd March 1947 in Newburgh, New York, United States. He has written various romance, young-adult fiction, thriller and realistic fiction books. He attended the Manhattan College where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in English and also attended Vanderbilt University where he graduated with M.A in English. He got married to Susan Patterson in 1997 whom they had one child with. He has written various Witch and Wizard series, Michael Bennett, Women’s Murder Club and Daniel X among others.

In Patterson Month #1, you will find novels like “Along Came a Spider” and “Kiss the Girl”.

Kiss the Girl

This is one of the best work that has been done by James Patterson. The book was published in 1997 and is one of the best American psychological thriller film. The film is directed by Gary Fleder hence you can always watch the whole series. The central character in the book is known as Alex Cross who is a detective, and forensic psychologist. Alex decided to move to North Carolina when he learns of the missing niece from the local police. The niece who is known as Naomi was a student at the college. Alex also gets to learn that his niece Naomi is the latest girl to get missing in the list of young women who have been varnishing without anyone knowing their where about. When Alex arrives in North Carolina, an intern Kate Tiernam is kidnapped while one of the women who had gone missing is found dead in the desolate forest. Kate finds herself held in captive by someone in a mask and called himself as Casanova. Fortunately, Kate escapes by jumping from the top of a cliff into the river. She get several injuries and when she finally gets home, she decides to join the army to aid Alex in finding her kidnapper. This is a short summary of the book. Find whether the combined effort of Kate and Alex yield some fruits or all was just in vain.

Along Came a Spider

This is a thriller book that was published in 2001. The book has featured in various TV shows and the film is directed by Lee Tamahori. This is the book that comes just after Kiss the Girl. The main characters in the book is detective and author Alex Cross who is also a forensic psychologist. He loses control of the sting operation that leads to the death of his partner. Due to the death he makes up his mind to resign but later he finds himself in the police force when the daughter of the United State Senator is kidnapped from the private school by the computer teacher known as Gary Soneji. The kidnapped girl is known as Megan Rose. The computer teacher then decides to inform Alex Cross over the phone then tells him than one of the girl’s sneakers is the kidnapper. The kidnapping of Megan Rose is just but part of the Mega kidnap that is being planned by Gary Soneji. This is because he is planning to kidnap the son to the Russian President. This will guarantee him even greater notoriety.

This is just an overview of the book about the ongoing kidnap and Alex Cross is very determined to end the condition as he is underway caring out the investigation. You can get your copy online or at your local library at affordable prices.


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