James Patterson Month #2: 1st To Die, 2nd Chance

1st to die

Lindsay Boxer, an inspector with the San Francisco police department with a strong masculine demeanor teams up with her good friend Claire, a medical examiner, to form the Women`s murder club to help her solve a murder case. Cindy, a reporter looking to make a career story makes contact and joins the group. Jill, an ambitious assistant district attorney later joins the club while Lindsay is diagnosed with a fatal form of anemia leaving her vulnerable and emotionally disoriented to solve the murder case.

In all honesty, I fail to fathom how James Patterson is a best-selling author. If this book is to go by, it is nothing but mediocre. The development of characters is deeply shallow and unorganized. Character set feels more of fixed than organic. The handling of the characters and their relationship with each other lacked nuance from the beginning to the end and was somewhat forced. To be a bit lenient, I do understand that a male author has no true grasp of how women operate and how they get to develop their relationship. Personally, I did not find the story to be naturally flowing. Indeed the author had a bunch of ideas but the organization of his ideas is what repels the most. It is vague and often diverting. The inclusion of romance is more formulaic and mechanical. “Women murder club” not only begs for mockery but also sounds juvenile. The only ounce of worth in this book is the lead character, Lindsay who struggles after she discovers her fatal illness that eventually advances rapidly. Her journey to realize her sense of morality and how her time is running out, is compelling and strongly defined throughout the book.

Title: 2nd chance

Four friends of the “Women murder club” return to solve a series a baffling series of murders. Clues lead to a racist hate group and this time the killer is clever and elusive. More daunting is that the killer knows the four friends leaving each one of them at potential risk.

Yet another horrible Patterson book. Why does he write? Second chance, the second installment of the “Women murder club” series, is out rightly boring, tiresome to read, irritating and the story is recycled. The story arc is identical to the first installment: a murder happens, then a second, a third and counting, then a suspect is chased down; leads are established after days of incompetence; the killer proves to be elusive; personal tragedies begin to happen; the lead character breaks down and later finds her strength to pursue the killer and on and on with the same line of storytelling. The book feels more as a template where the authors filled the character names and brief details. There is nothing absolutely creative in the book. From the beginning to end, the author and co-author lack basic understanding of how women think, act or relate to each other. Essentially, there is gross deficiency of womanhood in the entire book. Lindsay is portrayed as a heroic figure when she took it upon herself to chase the killer without backup. Her actions are unrealistic and not heroic in every sense of the word.


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