James Patterson Month #3: Run For Your Life, Step On A Crack

Don’t you just love these mystery thriller books? Those books with a good cop and a bad cop that makes you enjoy all of the book’s words? The truth is that a good police book is really hard to find and a great one with mysterious plot and thriller scenes even harder. Well, if you are looking for a good anti-sleep book I can sincerely recommend you James Patterson’s books. These books will make you hate sleeping and you will want to finish every inch of the book and then read it again – these books addictive. In this article, I will present you two of James Patterson’s books that I hope you will like:

1. Run for your life

This book is from the series book called Michael Bennett. These series it’s compose of 8 high quality police books that will make you scream at night. The plot of this book it’s about Michael Bennett, who is a New York PD detective and he is solving the hardest crimes of the New York Police Department. In every book we will have a bloody killer and the successful detective Michael Bennett who will always get the job done. In this book, the good manners are a must and for those who don’t have them, well, it will be a really bad day for them. The book it’s really interesting, although the general idea on the police books is always the same: bad guy kills – the good guy scratches him and he throws the bad guy in jails – end of story. Yes, indeed, the idea it’s the same in this book too. But… and it’s a really big but because the way that the author had written this book, will simple amaze you. It’s not about the general idea; it’s about the way that the book is created and the way in which the author described every scene, with every detail. This is that type of book that won’t let you sleep at night and I highly recommended it

2. Step On A Crack

My dears, this book it’s a masterpiece. Again, like the book above, this one it’s a part of the Michael Bennett series, so the main detective and solver will be Bennett. But this book it’s not about the killer and the solver, this book it’s about the battle between evil and good. This book plot has politics and international relation involved and, above all that, a sick bloody evil mastermind who tries to do the unspeakable. Bennett’s role in this book is that he have to be two steps in front of the killer and it’s a more philological-police kind of book that will absolutely blow you mind at the end. A littler spoiler for you guys: in this book, Bennett saves the worlds future, not only the family victim’s future. Just so you know. This book it’s all about strategies and behavioral comportment. You will just love it.

For the end of my article, I will give you an idea: make a book club, but not just any book club. Create a book club that it’s based on talking about police books. In the first two month start with the classics, like Agatha Christie or Georges Simenon, or you can just bring the old Sherlock Stories. And then, in the third month make it special for James Patterson, you know, like one author per month. Call it James Patterson Month #3 and go have a blast! And don’t forget: read, read and then, read more! You are only making yourself smarter.


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