James Patterson Month #4: The Postcard Killers, Suzannes Diary for Nicholas

The Postcard Killers:The post card killers is a thriller novel. This novel does not contain any spoilers and this facts captivates the readers throughout the novel.The novel sees James Patterson, A renowned bestselling author teaming up with Liza Marklund, the queen of crime fiction. It’s such a fast paced thriller novel that you won’t be able to put it down until you finish it. Jacob kanon is an NYPD detective and he is on a tour of Europe’s most enchanting cities. But isn’t interested by the sights. He sees every museum and every restaurant through a killer’s eye. Kanon’s daughter Kimmy aqnd her boyfriend were murdered in Rome and after this incident young couples have become the victims of this sadistic killer. The victims are either young couples in love or newlyweds. So kanon teams up with Gabby Larsen, A Swedish reporter to avenge his daughter’s death. Each murder is anteceded by a postcard and Kanon and Larsen think that they know the location of the next victims . Kanon is on the hunt of the serial killer and he won’t give up until he finds him. Together Kanon and Larsen combs through the evidences which are mostly postcards and polaroids. When clues fall into place pictures of the killers are released. But the killers act naive showing that they are innocent tourists caught in the middle of the whole fiasco. Kanon is absolutely sure that they are killers but because of lack of evidence the killers get released. Kanon loses his temper. So he decides to investigate their past. The more he investigates, the more he is sure that Sylvia and Malcom Rudolph, twin brother and sister are the serial killers. But the killers aren’t just them. There are several other people scattered all over Europe. The climax of the novel is both interesting and brutal. It is literally perfect. The killers are a pair of psychotics. The ending is sweet and the readers are not disappointed as the killers get caught at last. The action is well written and the killing part is brutal. It’s a great novel to enjoy and you will find it enjoyable to read.

Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas: The novel is another splendid work by James Patterson which argues about the importance of balance in one’s life. Like all the novels of Patterson, this novel also doesn’t contain any spoilers and so the readers are mesmerized by the novel.The novel is an amazing love story which starts with Katie who has finally found the perfect man but one day he unexpectedly leaves without any explanation. He leaves behind a diary written by a woman named Suzanne for her baby, Nicholas. She reveals her romance with her child’s father and the joy of motherhood in it. Katie can’t stop reading the diary. As she reads on, she finds that The father of Suzanne’s child is none other than the person Katie loves. Now Katie must struggle to find out what exactly had happened.Although the novel is heart-rending and touching, it’s absolutely a beautiful love story. It contains suspense as well. The novel is highly recommended and there is truly something special to take from this story.


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