Linwood Barclay Month #1: No Time For Goodbye, Too Close To Home

Linwood Barclay Month is a series with mystery novels that are incredible, written by Linwood Barclay, a Canadian author. Despite the fact that the books do not have crazy twists and turns, they will keep you awake all night. The series contains ten novels with the first publication being done in 2007 while the second novel is published a year later, that is, 2008. The first two books are; No Time for Goodbye and Too Close to Home. The latest novel publication was done in 2015.

No Time for Goodbye

This is a thriller novel in the series Linwood Barclay. It was published on 26th December, in the year 2007. The novel contains 448 pages of captivating content. The book features a girl by the name Cynthia Biggie who is fourteen years old. She was amazed to wake up one morning only to find that she was all alone in the house. Her mother, brother and father were nowhere to be seen, as they had disappeared. All her efforts to trace them rendered futile as they had not left a note for her to explain their disappearance. After waiting for so long, she came to terms with the disheartening truth that her family was not coming back. It was until 25 years later, that she came to know the painful truth. This is a book that you never want to let go until you get to the last page. It is the kind of book that will keep you awake all night later to realize that it’s already dawn. The content of this book is captivating from the first page to the last page. It is one of those books that you have to struggle to come to terms with the fact that you are on the last page as it leaves you craving for more. The book has great and high entertaining value. You will have a lot of fun when reading this novel as the characters come to life and it seems like you are watching a film.

Too Close to Home

This is the second book in the Linwood Barclay series written by Linwood Barclay. It was published on 30th September 2008. The novel is a thriller and contains 466 pages. The plot of this book is set in New York City in a small community known as Promise Falls. In an amazing way, the author brings terror to a community where such is not expected. This is when murder happens in the Langleys, a house neighboring Ellen Cutter and Jim. The worst thing and which surprises Jim is that the number police suspect is Derek, Jim’s son. Derek was a close friend of the son of the Langleys but it seems that they did not know their neighbors too well for their safety.

This is a book that makes you feel like it’s a film which you are watching. It is the kind of book that leaves you challenged about just how well you know those who are close to you. It leaves you over-informed and impacts a lot of knowledge to the reader.


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