Kathy Reichs Month #2: Virals, Seizure

Kathy Reich’s, just like the main fictional characters Temperance Brennan is a forensic anthropologist working in the office of the Chief Medical examiner in the state of North Carolina. She also works for the laboratoire de sciences in the province of Quebec. Miss Reich serves as one of the fifty forensic anthropologists officially certified by the American board of forensic anthropology. She is also a professor of anthropology at the renowned university of North Carolina in charlotte. As a result of this, she divides her time between charlotte and Montreal. It is equally worth noting that it is her first officially released novel immediately catapulted her to fame after it became a New York Times best seller and subsequently winning her the 1997 Ellis award for the best novel.

Below is an overview of Kathy Reichs Month #2: Virals, Seizure

#1: Virals

Plot overview

Tory and her friends tumble upon a rusted dog tag dating back to the Vietnam War era while on Loggerhead Island. They decide to try and identify its own which in turn leads them to an unsolved murder and infection by an experimental virus which ends up giving them special powers. They acquired the infection in the process of trying to save a wolf dog being used for unsanctioned and illegal experiments by Dr. Karsten. They however consider these powers as flaring.

They also uncover the skeleton which turns out to be that of the daughter of the owner of the dogtag. While still coming to terms with this turn of events, they start being shot at which forces them to flee. Although they manage to escape, they next time they show up at the same site, they notice that the bones have been replaced and in their place monkey bones placed.

As the story unfolds, it starts becoming very clear that there is obviously a third party involved someone who cannot be easily suspected. Question is : who might it be it?


After reading this book, I must admit that the author juggles the large cast nicely with the layered story. I must admit though that the revelations towards the end sounded a little silly. In spite of all of this, the action throughout the book is very exciting plus the forensic research and science seem authentic.

#2: Seizure

Plot Overview

Tory brennan together with her friends find herself in danger of being separated as a result of budget cuts. This may also lead to the closure of LIRI loggerheads Island research institute where their parents work. Upon finding out that pirate Ann bonny’s treasure might be buried somewhere near their Charleston home in south Carolina they unanimously decide to set out to follow the clues they already have to find where exactly the treasure may be.

Using their viral powers they gained previously as state in the other book, they hope to find that they will find this treasure and that it would be worth enough to save LIRI. Interesting thing is, it is not only them who want the treasure, they must therefore beat their opponents to the treasure.


I must admit that having read the sequel, Kathy and Reich’s did not disappoint. Frankly speaking, it was everything I hoped for, action packed, fun, exciting and most importantly thrilling just like its predecessor. One thing I love the most about Kathy’s writing style is the way she brings out her main characters in a relative manner.

Another very impressive thing about the book is the overall pacing of the plot. The virals seemed to be getting used to their newly gotten abilities while at the same time discovering new things about themselves. Simply put, the pacing is extremely well brought out. In fact, the mere fact that: all the abilities are evenly distributed between the four main characters make the whole read marvelous since they have to work together in order to achieve their best.

Overall, I have to admit that the series got me seriously hooked and sinker. I am really looking forward to the next book in this particular series.


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