Kathy Reichs Month #4: Bones Never Lie, Speaking In Bones

#1: Bones Never Lie

Plot overview

Unexpectedly called back to help solve a cold case, Dr. Temperance Brennan is curious to find out why she has been called in. it turns out, she is needed to help solve a cold case from several years back in which the killer eluded the authorities but seemingly may have once again surfaced in the united states promising to continue the reign of terror from before after another child is reported missing.


I consider bones never lie as one title that is not ideal for someone who is interested in a light read. This is because, personally, this is the second novel by Kathy that I have read and I must admit both (the latter and former) were loaded with technical forensic as well as medical details. From this, I was convinced that besides simply entertaining, Kathy was equally focused on educating readers on all sensitive issues without necessarily bogging down the story, something which she does perfectly well In all her books.

The book not only broke my heart, it was very honest as well. In addition to the above, jathy does an excellent job with the characters plus her unique technical approach to short sentences fragments throughout the tension filled scenes. Frankly I found myself tensing u along with the main characters as I read through.

Simply put, if you are looking for an intelligent well composed mystery book then read bones never lie since it will satisfy all those key requirements. In case you are interested in a light beach read then kindly look elsewhere, don’t bother going through bones never lie.

#2: Speaking in bones

Plot overview

Tempe is show seemingly obsessed by bone recovered from a nearby mountain area. Her obsession gives her a reason to escape from answering Ryan’s proposal for marriage. Things take a turn for the worst when a websleuth, extreme churches and defrocked priests complicate the progress in the case. Tempe leaps in and out of different erroneous conclusions and is completely shocked finally when the truth is revealed.


Speaking in bones serves as another winning entry in the Tempe brennan series. I am a huge fan of the series and even pre ordered them to have the show up on my e-reader like a present. I must admit however that I was disappointed with the book when I finally got the chance to go through it. I remember skimming through just to have a better idea of the plot. One of the best things about this book however was the ending. It is captivating.


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