Andy McNab Month #1: Remote Control, Crisis Four

Nick Stone an SAS trooper who is depicted in the book as strong, relentless, ruthless and tough is back on the streets again. The regiment no longer wants his services after Nick was assigned to a mission that failed. However, the British intelligence are very interested in the services Nick could offer as an operator who is deniable. It is a dirty world and he is involved in a dirty job. The soon finds this out once the finds the bodies of an ex-SAS officer and his family. He finds himself on the run accompanied with an only survivor of the blood bath. Nick tries to keep the killers away even though the girl can identify them, so he can solve the mystery first.

My thoughts

Andy McNab’s book “Remote Control” is the first of the Nick Stone series that I read. I am not a huge fun or reading and would rather watch instead. However, when I come across a book left in my apartment by my sister, I am curious enough to flip through a few pages. This one however, I did not flip through the pages, I read each one of them keenly and even re- read the book a few times.

The writing style and how the characters are revealed systematically in the book is just amazing. It becomes hard for one to put the book down because of the suspense I carries in each book. I found myself so thrilled and intrigued that I just could not stop. I could literary se the drama unfold and sometimes feel what Nick was feeling.

Crisis four

An intelligence force is signed to find out information of Osama Bin laden and what he is up to. It is tasked with the responsibility of lifting “the source”, bin Laden’s right hand mad from his designated place. This troop is headed by a woman named Sarah who then begins being more intent on finding information that saving her colleagues. Nick Stoneis tasked with the responsibility of hunting down Sarah and handing her to authorities alive. Soon they both find themselves in the middle of a scheme masterminded by Bin Laden. Only a few days into his mission, Nick finds that he is in the middle of a cat and mouse chase that is bound to get dangerous.

My thoughts

Andy McNab has found yet another way to thrill and intrigue my imagination. His knowledge about the military is outstanding. How he explains the minutia in every action, the ammunition used and he tactics of war., the book is very interesting to read and makes you keep wondering how Nick will get himself out of this one. It is just the kind of book one need especially if you are always curious, like me, about how to track someone, evade surveillance and extract and individual. It is a plot filled with insane heart stopping violence and great characterization. It keeps your imagination running high and, like all the other stories on Nick Stone, you keep thinking if you would have been that smart in such a situation.


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