Andy McNab Month #2: Red Notice, Fortress

Red Notice

This novel is about an off duty SAS soldier that is not only injured but he is the only hope for the crew and passengers of the train. Terrorist has taken 400 hostages at gun point and seized control of the Eurostar to Paris. They have declared war on the government because of secretes. The main character of this novel is a SAS Sergeant and a soldier named Tom Buckingham

I was introduced to Andy McNab’s work earlier this year, although not a fan of this type of genre, military thriller, I still gave it a try. To my surprise this book was just as I thought it would be, predictable and slow. I don’t regret reading this novel but I expected and wanted more.


This novel revolves around Tom Buckingham as he finds himself in a world of trouble after killing a rogue Afghan soldier. He is made a scapegoat for his action and forcibly removed from the regiment. He is soon in the service of a billionaire with political ambitions named Vernon Rolt. This book reads like a slow burner and the buildup is slow and not very action packed. It was a lot less action filled than what McNab’s books are good for. The transition from the first Tom Buckingham book to this one is not smooth with a lot of loose ends left unexplained from the first novel. This book will not keep you on the edge and may take multiple reads to get the full details of the story.

This novel deals with issues like racism and the effect of politics and immigration. The main character of this novel is an interesting character with a lot of problems. He is an exquisite soldier, very resourceful and brilliant. He has a hard life though and an even more awkward relation with is dad. He is in love with Delphine that is a typical woman who loves the man but not his life choices. She seems to only serve the purpose of tearing his heart in to different direction gratefully her role in the novel is small so I didn’t have to deal with her stupidity for long. This is second of McNab’s novels that see Tom Buckingham as the main character of the book. He is an accused murderer of a fellow soldier which causes him to lose his job and his girlfriend soon after.

It seems to me that this genre of novels is the direction McNab intends to go. His novels before this are based greatly on the military procedure but they are inaccessible to readers. The Tom Buckingham series are more of a thriller novel with military theme. They have less military jargon and various points of views driving to the climax. The focus of the Tom Buckingham novels is more on politics and international espionage and less actual military activity. These novels are best for new McNab readers and then they can try the Nick Stone series. The Nick Stone novels are move action than thriller.


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