Andy McNab Month #3: Traitor, Payback

The series Traitor and Payback are interesting adventure stories that make interesting and intruiging reading by young readers of between 12 up to 17 years who love gripping suspense.The plot of the story starts in the book entitled Traitor and continues in the series Payback where the storyline comes to a close.
The story revolves around a 17 year old young adult called Danny Watt who grew up in an orphanage in London.He portrays the same passion of growing up kids and aspires to join the army in Great Britain.It is not just a dream because Danny had the talent required grades to be drafted.To his dismay,Danny is rejected on the basis that his grandfather Fergus Watt who served in SAS (Special Air Service ) had a bad record of aiding drug dealers and being greedy.As is normal to anyone,this really angers young talented Danny who starts on a quest of looking for the grandfather who went MIA, for answers and to make him suffer for his rejection to join British army.

Having served in the Royal Air Force himself,Andy Mcnab employs amazing twists,thrills and suspense in his plot line.He introduces another character called Elena who comes out as a computer genius and a good friend of Danny to help in the search of Danny’s grandfather who had escaped from prison.Having tracked the old man down,Danny discovers to his shock that the grandfather was framed,betrayed and falsely accused.More surprises come out when Danny discovers how much the government had hidden the truth.

In his well-crafted language and surprise twists,Andy Mcnab ventures into breathtaking suspense when he introduces the involvement of SIS (Special Intelligence Service ) who are determined to hunt down and silence Fergus and Danny Watts for good.The tension becomes palpable as bullets follow Danny and the two Watt’s have to run for their own survival.The gripping story and characteristic of Andy Watt,another change in the plot occurs when the only person who knew the real story is killed and Fergus captured.

This story of intrigue and unpredictable plot takes the reader through the skills Danny employs to try to rescue his grandfather before anything bad happened to him.Danny craftly uses the military field skills and operations which he had learnt for survival as they were on the run.Military jargon and appropriate British idioms are employed smartly by Andy Mcnab as the story progresses and continues in the series Payback.Having had their their cover blown in spain,Danny and Fergus return to London to face their enemy in M16 through the encouragement of another character called Marcie Deveraux.
The series is a gripping and and action packed for young readers and a must read as its plot is heart-stopping due to the many twists and thrills as grandson and grandfather struggle to survive from determined enemies and clear Fergus’ name.


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