Andy McNab Month #4: Bravo Two Zero, Immediate Action

Bravo Two Zero is a book that changed my perspective about wars, heroism, and national duty. It is an amazingly written book that gives an insight on what actually happens in war. One cannot explain it in a few words what this book is about. It’s not about war, it’s not about Iraq, it’s not about a mission. The book is beyond the normal war tales.

Bravo Two Zero is an amazing story of human endurance, perseverance and courage motivated by a sense of national pride and duty. It’s an amazing tale of unsung heroes who make ultimate sacrifice and suffer great pains to make the world a better place to live. Bravo Two Zero is the epitome of human courage and bravery, it shows us the way to be courageous even in desperate times to ensure our success.

What To Look For?
If you are a fan of tales of war, patriotism and heroics it’s a great book for specially written for you. The book is full of great details and coming first hand from the man who was there to witness the actual war room. One cannot have a better details of what is happening in countries like Iraq and Afghanistan where global forces are fighting the terrorists. There can be no better description or no better details of the situation faced by our army men than this book.

What Not To Look For?
If you are a classy reader looking for a top notch grammar and highly complex sentences that challenge your reading skills, you are reading the wrong book. The book is written in a language that an eighth grader can understand. However, if you leave your scholarly bias, it’s a great read for everyone.

The Storyline
Bravo Two Zero is a book written by Sergeant Andy McNab who was the commanding officer leading a team of eight men to destroy the ‘SCUD’ systems and the primary communications line between Bagdad and north-west Iraq. With two objectives, a team of eight was para-dropped in Iraq. Followed by a series of twists and turns the book is an amazing tale written by a true survivor who actually survived in a place where the war is fought beyond the principles of morality. The tale of how a team of eight is para-dropped, accomplishes objectives, survives hostile conditions and leaves Iraq through Syria border while losing their teammates on the way.

Bravo Two Zero is one of the best war books I ever read. No wonder it remained a best seller or several weeks and won several awards. The movie ‘Bravo Two Zero’ is also based on the book, reaffirming the strong storyline the book has. It is a must read book for everyone who looks to make a career in the armed forces, those who have a family member working in the armed forces. I can certainly say that one can never utter a single word against the great armies of the world and the sacrifices they make after reading this book.

Book Review – Immediate Action
Immediate Action is a novel written by Andy McNab after he became a celebrity with his best sellers Bravo Two Zero and Remote Control. One of the most decorated officers of the British Army and a member of one of the world’s most lethal team of soldiers the U.K. SAS, Andy has more tales to share than anyone on this planet. His nine years of active duty in five continents and a gruesome mission in Iraq make most of the people wonder about his life as a private citizen. Immediate Action is a guide into the life of Andy McNab. An early life as a reckless civilian to one of the most decorated soldiers of the present times the book is an insight into the life of Andy.

What To Look For?
The book is a masterpiece of military action, the true depiction of various warzones around the world and the story of a civilian who turns out to be one of the finest soldiers of the world. If you love war heroics or military fiction, this is just the book for you.

What Not To Look For?
The book is full of instances where you will find Andy in Gruesome situations. The book is a true depiction, so if you can’t stand a clear depiction of atrocities in the Middle Eastern region you will find the book very hard to digest. The inhumane tortures far beyond the Geneva Convention will really send negative vibes far beyond your expectations.

The Storyline
The story is about a youngster found on the stairs of Guy’s Hospital inside a carrier bag who turned out to be one of the finest soldiers the world ever had. The story is a tale of a soldier who spends nine years of active duty in five continents as a member of one of the best units on the planet the U.K. SAS.

There were a great number of fans and critics who urged to Andy McNab to shed some light on his life. He finally answered the requests and wrote a masterpiece that gave the world an insight into a soldier’s life. It is a must read title if you actually want to have an insight into the modern warfare and war zones around the world.

Both the books are ‘must read’ books with a very rich and informative experience of an army man. The details are very crisp and the readers will definitely enjoy a great narration as they are the first hand experiences of the author himself.


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