Vince Flynn Month #1: Transfer of Power

In the Vince Flynn Month #1, Transfer of Power the democratic national committee chair has accepted to take $500,000 in return to arranging a meeting between the president and the prince of Oman. The president’s secret service are less concerned with the security rules since it is only a donation of $500,000

I recently discovered the book, Transfer of power and his funny character. As a matter of fact, this is almost my third novel by the same author and I can conclude that the author is the leader when it comes to thrillers touching on politics. He has no immediate rival. Rapp is the coolest superhero in these thrillers. He is fresh, inventive and philosophical in his work. While taking on politics, he is very devastating but he is a reasonable, intelligent guy without any political agenda. According to the book, men who are greedy, ignorant and venal and who put their selfish interest above anything else surrounds him.

I picked up the book because its title sounds very interesting. Although I had read other books by the same author, I did not know what to expect fromTransfer of Power. During the two days which I read the book, I did not put it down. Throughout the book, Rapp is a very funny character to read about. The book has a lot of suspense and will leave you yearning for more. I do not understand what the book’s critics say, but I will confirm that the book is not without any flaws. This is true about any book. While reading the “transfer of power”, I was extremely entertained.

The activities of the domestic law enforcement and the Special Forces seem extremely realistic. This means that Flynn has put a lot of effort in researching about the workings of the groups. More so, the book’s characters are entertaining and realistic. In fact, the good and the evil plot make the book move fast. The only backdrop is that it ends abruptly. This book even surpassed other books done by the same author. It is very hard to keep and you would want to read it throughout the night.

Finally, the action depicted in the book is outstanding, relevant and believable in the modern times. As you go through the book you realize that the characters include the ugly, the bad and the good. His understanding and use of various military operation units is just excellent and gathered in a very magnificent style. The book is exceptionally written and well paced that is very hard to put down. Once I sat down to read the book I finished it in two sittings within two days. It is very rare to enjoy a political thriller the way I enjoyed this book


Vince Flynn’s Transfer of power is a true page turner. Critics should open their eyes and see that this awesome, unique book is worth reading. If you want a great read, tension, pure escapism, take this book and it will not disappoint you. Also, be prepared not to put it down. The book is very suspenseful and will leave you yearning for more when it is over.


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