Vince Flynn Month #2: The Third Option, Separation of Power

The third option

Mitch Rapp, who is a counterterrorist agent, has one mission left before he retires. This mission is to take down a European industrialist who is selling sensitive equipment to terrorists. The only thing Mitch is not aware of is that the real target for this mission is Mitch himself. This novel introduces a new shift in the typical plot of Mitch Rapp. In most novels, Mitch is usually the hunter but in this book, he is the hunted one. For a person like Mitch, who is so reckless, it is hard to gauge whether he can fall in love. This book clearly depicts Mitch going on his final mission with the intention of settling down with his dream woman after the mission. Mitch saved Anna; who the women who has fallen in love with Mitch, from being a victim of despicable deed in the novel transfer of power. This book has been based in Germany where the hunt for the European industrialist is to take place. By reading through the book, you get to feel the German atmosphere. The real game changer for this novel occurs when Mitch is shot. At first, I never expected this change of event but I got to understand that this was a different plot to the standard plot which includes Mitch Rapp, hunting terrorist. This time, he is being hunted by experienced Hoffman group who are barely leaving any clues behind. To make matter worse, this entire group is assassinated by a group led by an ex-Navy SEAL and his group. Rapp’s girlfriend is kidnapped, and this forces him to halt his mission as he tries to save her first. Finally, Rapp gets to discover who is behind his assassination plot. It is a senior senator within the government. This novel is very much similar to the 24 series, episode 8.

Separation of power

There is a new director at the CIA central headquarter. Her appointment introduces the chance for an inside team to end the presidency. The worse thing about ending the president’s tenure at this time is that Saddam Hussein is closing in on joining the nuclear arms race. This novel has a significant twist in it plot where at one time, the CIA is focused on finding out who are undermining the new CIA director and planning to remove the president from power and the second instance which involves Saddam Hussein getting access to the nuclear weapons. The introduction of this book paints Mitch being stuck at a desk after his attempted assassination. This is not normal, but it is understandable. I had expected Rapp might have decided to retire, but how would the series continue? In this book, Rapp is painted as someone who can love and be committed to a relationship. He gets to meet his former girlfriend while with his new girlfriend. Mitch is called upon to help prevent Saddam Hussein from acquiring the nuclear weapons. Irene, the new CIA director, is focused on dealing with the Congress. The end of the novel does not clearly depict what the future holds for Rapp.


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