Vince Flynn Month #3: Executive Power, Memorial Day

After radical Islamic terrorists ambush a navy SEALs team on a top secret mission in the Philippines, CIA agent Mitch Rapp has to avenge those who died as well as rescue American hostages captured by the terrorist and finally stop a radical Saudi prince.

Being a great fan of Vince Flynn I got this book as soon as it was released in 2003 and I found it to be an exhilarating novel with fast paced action, thrilling twists and turns as well as complex but perfectly interwoven plot lines. The author does a perfect job when it comes to creating mental images of several exotic settings from the Caribbean islands to Monte Carlo in Monaco.

I love the main protagonist Mitch Rapp who I found to be a captivating character who lives up to his nickname of ‘iron man’ which is due to his aggressive nature when it comes to stopping radical terrorist during which he goes well beyond acceptable rules of engagement in order to achieve his objectives. The main antagonists are also well developed and I particularly liked David who is the perfect archetype sociopath assassin who kills without the slightest bit of remorse as long as he can accomplish his goals.

What captured me as the most important theme of the novel was belief in a cause. This is because all sides in this conflict do not view themselves as villains but rather as servants of a higher cause be it saving innocent life or taking it in the name of achieving a greater good. Of particular interest in this regard is the books main antagonist a Saudi prince out to liberate a people he believes are oppressed.

MEMORIAL DAY by Vince Flynn.

CIA agent Mitch Rapp returns to field-ops to lead a raid on an AL-Qaeda stronghold in Afghanistan where he discovers a plot to sneak in a nuclear bomb into the United States and detonate it during the WW2 memorial day celebration in Washington DC.

I got a hold of Memorial day as soon as it was out and didn’t let go of it until I was done. I felt that despite the fact that the novel brought together a number of themes that had already been used in earlier books such as ambitious political climbers in Washington, idealistic officials more concerned with the law and constitution rather than keeping American civilians alive as well as beautiful but deadly seductresses, all these concepts were presented in a new and exciting light that kept the story fresh and action paced.

I loved the the political intrigue in Washington as well as how different factions in Washington have different views on how to defeat terrorism but in truth its all theoretical talk because there is only one man with the guts to actually confront the terrorist in their world of brutality and beat them at their own game. In memorial day the stakes are higher than they have ever been and Mitch Rapp cares even less about political correctness or idealistic nonsense because he knows if a nuclear bomb is detonated in Washington it will mean the United States government could collapse or perhaps it could even start a world war. With the stakes so high the author delivers an adventure like no other and I felt fully engrossed with the tough decisions that Mitch Rapp has to make.


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