Vince Flynn Month #4: Act of Treason, Consent to Kill

Act of treason

Mitch Rapp is a CIA super agent who is looking to find the people behind the bombing on the presidential motorcade. This bombing, It is revealed, was part of a much bigger plan. Among the people killed in he bombing is the wife of the presidential candidate. In his search, the reader quickly finds out that a terrorist was killed in one of Mitch’s earlier raids on terror. The terrorist before he died, old his people to fight with Mitch an eye for an eye kind of battle. In his mission to save the country and the presidency, he finds that he has to also save his own life and bring justice to his wife’s death. This mission is more personal than he thought.

My personal thoughts

Personally,I am a great fun of all thriller novels and movies. However, in my searches, I am yet to find a writer today who brings out my emotions quite like Vince Flynn. I even think, sometimes that jack Bauer could use a tip or two from this guy, but that is just me. In reading this book, I cried, laughed, cheered and much more. Having read most of the books written by Vince, his one is a total has off kind of book that keeps you yearning for more and even putting yourself in the shoes on Mitch and wondering if I were you, would you really have been ha smart? My only complaint is that his book was awfully shor and the ending did no really answer all my questions, I guess they call it suspense.

Consent to kill

In this thriller, Mitch Rapp has to escape an ex-eastGermanstasis spy, a Saudi billionaire and a team of husband- and wife assassins. There is a price put on his head of $20 million for anyone who find him dead or alive, but preferably dead. His run does not seem to be favor especially because in one of his routine morning runs, he injures his leg. On his trail searching for the wrong doers, more trouble is stired up when his NBC white house correspondent and wife, Anna Really announces that she is with child. It has come to that point in the book series where the reputation of Rapp makes him legendary and many people are looking to hurt him. Some politicians even want to put him down.

My thoughts

This is a book unlike any other in the Rapp series. Itjust really captures you and keeps you in so much suspense It is impossible to put it down. As I read the book I could feel the pain Rapp was feeling when he lost everything and yet feel proud of the many loyal friends he still has on his side. Unlike many unpredictable thrillers, this book does not really take Rapp where you want Rapp to go, he takes his own path. Page after page you feel like you are on a roller coaster turning and twisting wondering if you are going to fall and you do not. At the end, you say, wow, I definitely want to do that again!.

It was a great time reading Vince Flynn. If you want the full list of books he wrote, see this List of Vince Flynn Books which lists them all.


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