Brad Thor Month #1: The Lions of Lucerne, Path of the Assassin


During his vacations on the snow mountains of Utah, President of the United States is kidnapped. The kidnappers include several high ranking government officials, billionaires and dangerous Swiss mercenaries. Agent Harveth Scot with his superior skills is searching for clues which will lead him to the President. However, the rest of the agency is on a different path, a path that comes around to Scot as the main suspect. Now, Scot Harveth must not only fulfill his duty to find the President, but also has to restore his reputation and clear his name.

This book is off and running from the first page. It takes us through various countries-starting from Washington DC, to Switzerland and then ultimately ending up somewhere in the Caspian Sea. The main character, Scot Harveth is tireless, brave and possesses super human luck. His dedication to save the President from the kidnappers exemplifies the selfless ideal of honoring a solemn vow. After all, he swore to protect the lives of others even at his own risk.In the middle of all the action, there is a wide variety of sophisticated gadgets and weapons which will make all the gadget freaks jealous. With a roller coaster ride of action sequences, chases and clue hunts, this book manages to keep the audiences hooked at all times. The author gives us an entertaining story about about power, greed and politics. Full of witty dialogues and catchy one liners, this is a must read book for all the action lovers.


After successfully rescuing the President, Scot Harveth’s aim is to now kill all the enemies that were responsible for the kidnapping. But he is up against one of the world’s dangerous and feared terrorist, Hashim Nidal, who has assembled a highly skilled and dangerous network of Islamic terrorist that plans to topple America. Scot Harveth and his team has to kill Hashim before its too late.However, no one knows what the man looks like. Harveth then teams with up with Meg, a woman who has survived a brutal hijacking and is the only person alive who can identify Hashim.

At the same time, there is a series of attacks across the Arab world by a group called The Hand Of God. As per evidences, it appears that the Israeli Government is supporting the terrorist group. Scot, then starts a worldwide manhunt to find this guy and to protect his people and country.From Macau, Jerusalem to Libya and Rome, Scot Harveth finds himself locked in a desperate race against time to sort the pieces of the deadly puzzle. This book throws in a new character, Meg who is a strong and brave women willing to go to any extent to help Scot. Like the previous book, this one is also full of action sequences, chases and gun fights. The author keeps the plot relatively simple and does not include too many twists and complex characters. Overall, this is a very fast simplistic action book.


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