Brad Thor Month #2: State of the Union, Blowback

State of the Union

Scot Havarth is the hero of this story. When one day in January, America awakens to the horrifying nightmare that there is a real and imminent danger of being attacked by a long forgotten foe, the president – Jack Rutledge handpicks Scot to help him save the superpower of the entire globe from a nuclear attack that would simply reduce it to pathetic ashes if the plan to do so went through.

Brad Thor in his usual characteristic way, artistically puts together this book, a suspenseful thriller which has his fans elated to high heaven. Action packed and as intriguing as it is classically written, the tale of a country struggling to protect itself from imminent danger of gargantuan proportions is told. If the president of the most powerful nation on earth is at a loss as to how to forestall a forthcoming nuclear attack on American soil, explored options available at his disposal proving unworkable, one is left to wonder how he will up his game and make it just in time to save the country and the citizens he swore to protect.

Former deputy director of FBI, Gary Lawlor, is missing in action. It is even suspected that an all encompassing internal conspiracy could be at work to sabotage any plans at mounting a counter strategy against the attackers.One wonders if Scot will be able to surmount and overcome the hurdles on his way in his quest to save the nation. The readers of this action packed, intriguing and suspense filled book go on an unfolding and thrilling journey in a tale of espionage, conspiracy and betrayal even as the book bares dark secrets of the nation.

One cannot help but wonder what lengths Scot will go to in his race against time to save the country. This book is simply charged with frightening reality and heart pounding suspense which effectively transform the tale into a page turner where the reader cannot help but keep reading till the full story is totally unpacked.


The book opens with an interesting set of events. The president of the US realizes that the ever present war on terror has transformed itself into something much more ominous and chilling. At that point, he has no choice but to call in Scot Harvath, whose career in counter terrorism lies in tatters, thanks to Helen Carmichael, a democrat senator. The president, Jack Rutledge, is forced to sneak in Harvath through the back door.

Scot is required to use his ingenuity and expertise to counter the latest biological threat that has the potential to cause mass destruction not only to the US but also to the entire non-Muslim world. As a radical group is relishing the thought of using this weapon of mass destruction to bring chaos to the entire world, Scot must race across different nations in a bid to forestall the attack and help save the world.

This book is a story of the courage of one man who denies himself the pleasures of this world, goes to great lengths of sacrifice and deals with real but chillingly disturbing circumstances in his efforts to secure the world. The book is a portrayal of events that are really happening across the globe with the reality of radicalization of Muslims, and organized groups of individuals who plot to execute coordinated attacks on others both in the US and across the world.

The characters in this book, from the president, the senator, Scot to Dr. Jillian Alcott, Scot’s partner, and the royal family in Saudi to mention just a few, are well crafted into the story and help tell it in a manner that makes it truly believable and easy to identify with.

Brad’s thrilling book succeeds in amazing readers with a well researched story about a biological weapon and gives a little taste into events of historical significance. All in all, the story makes the reader come to terms with the real threats they face in the real world especially through terrorism, the increasing radicalization of the modern day Muslim and the fact that governments of the day must wake up to this reality and proactively work round the clock to protect their citizens. This book is a must read.


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