Brad Thor Month #3: Takedown, The First Commandment


It has been many years since any terrorist attack in USA, but one group picked 4th of July to pull out all the stops. Just as thousands of people were leaving on their holidays, they successfully destroyed all the bridges and tunnels leading into and out of Manhattan. Fear gripped the residents,search and rescue missions were carried throughout the city. Meanwhile,Scot Harvath starts his own operation to find a man, the US government refuses to admit even exists. The plot is scary enough to give the reader chills,and make him wish that none of this ever happens in USA.

Takedown is extremely well written and has a deep sense of humanity. Scot Harvath is against a highly skilled and trained team of terrorists. While carrying out his mission, he came across a secret, known only by the terrorists and highest level officers of the Government. Throughout the story, we experience moments of his deep commitment and never for one questions his patriotism.
The book is extremely fast paced and reads like lightening.. Like action based books, Brad Thor didn’t focus too much on character development, but gives us some great,detailed chases and action scenes. There are some surprises here and there throughout the book, a sense of disbelief that grips the reader throughout the journey. Apart from that, the feel of the city has been captured brilliantly, with its complex maze of office buildings, subway stairwells, parks, garages. The book also ends with a cliffhanger, which only increases our anticipation for the next book.


Takedown left the readers in a state of shock and disbelief. In ‘ The First Commandment’, Brad Thor raises the bar for political thrillers, and satisfies the readers beyond their wildest dreams. Here, Scot Harvath, realizes that both the government and the terrorists are against him. It is now up to him to save the lives of his family and countrymen.

When Scot Harvath sees that his friends and families are being systematically targeted, he turned to the government for assistance. However, to his utter disbelief, he was refused any help by the President, and was officially thrown out of the mission. He found himself in the unusual position of a spectator. However, he decided to take matter in his own hands and started his investigation. In doing so, he disobeyed a direct order from the President, and turned the Government against him. Soon, he unearthed a deep secret that the Government has hiding. Six months ago, America’s ‘First Commandment’ was broken when the President authorized the release of five Guantanamo detainees. Brad Thor delivers a pulsating, high-octane cat and mouse game that spans from US to the other end of the globe in the Middle East. It is a brilliantly woven web of excitement, suspense, that manages to entertain the reader from the start. This is one of his most electrifying and frightening novel to date. All in all, it is an excellent thriller that is definitely worth your time.


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