Brad Thor Month #4: The Last Patriot, The Apostle

The Last Patriot

The Last Patriot is a best-selling seventh political thriller by Brad Thor. This is a high voltage page-turner which depicts the modern struggle between the United States and the fanatical faction of Islam which seeks their destruction. The book perfects a refined art form that surpasses Robert Spencer’s books with regards to the emotional demonization of Muslims and Islam.

Like David Baldacci (Oliver Stone) or the late Vince Flynn (Mitch Rapp), Thor doesn’t waste the characters he develops, opting instead to feature them in ongoing adventures. In this case, Scot Harvath, an ex-Navy Seal turned black-ops operative, finds himself inadvertently caught up in the middle of an intercontinental race to permanently bury or uncover, a secret discovered by Thomas Jefferson about 2 centuries earlier.

Brad Thor and his Scot Harvath novel series have considerably evolved since his first, THE LIONS OF LUCERNE. His prose is about as enjoyable to read as a DoD brief. He includes a complete biography of each character he introduces. Amusingly, in addition to which schools they attended and their record in governmental service, he feels compelled to let you know how tall each is in feet and inches. I got to amuse my family at dinner one morning by fanning through the pages of the book and calling out every character’s height.

Anyway, for all its controversies, The Last Patriot managed to top the New York Times Bestseller list and was also banned in Saudi Arabia. The novel was nominated by The International Thriller Writers Association for “Best Thriller of the Year 2008”.

The Apostle

The Apostle is a spy thriller book written by Brad Thor, a New York Times Best-selling author. The novel is the 8th book in the Scot Harvath series. It follows Scot Harvath’s character as he gets sent on a top-secret assignment for the U.S. government to rescue a kidnapped American doctor named Julia Gallo. For Julia to be released, the ransom is the release of Mustafa Khan, an al-Qaeda member, from Policharki Prison. Once there, Scot discovers that this wasn’t a simple abduction and that nothing is as it seems.

Critical reception for the political thriller has ranged from mixed to positive, with Publishers Weekly terming the book “less than convincing”. praised the book, citing that “Brad continues to top himself with every successive thriller and attains new and even more stirring heights with The Apostle. Brimming with the sort of ripped-from-the-headlines realism Brad Thor’s internationally acclaimed novels are known for, The Apostle is a thriller that doubles down on the blockbuster sensation of The Last Patriot and reaffirms Brad’s status as the master of the political thrillers. Thor’s personable character, audacity and allegiance to his readers is a rarity that’s evident throughout the book. The novel provides the reader with a breath-taking, ��edge of your seat’ experience which is unparalleled in most political thrillers.

If you love procedural military-op novels, you will definitely love this book. Every detail has been spelled out, from the cultural tones to the brands of their gear to the rescue plans. Brad loves his Scot Harvath character, and the storyline shines whenever Scot is center stage. If you are a Brad Thor aficionado, it goes without saying that the book a “must-read”. If you are new to Brad Thor or the genre, there is no better thriller or writer to start with.


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