Craig Johnson Month #1: The Cold Dish, Death Without Company

Craig Johnson has played a major role in the literature world as he pens down some of the perfectly scripted and highly educative pieces of arts. He continues to gain popularity and inspires a large number of humanity with his unique style of writing that simply moves the story and connects the characters to a perfect encounter and one that motivates readers to flip through all the pages. We are here to review his two books: The Cold Dish and Death Without Company. We take this time to illustrate this as Craig Johnson Month #1

The Cold Dish

Review of the book:

The Cold Dish reviews show that it is indeed a highly captivating book that perfectly illustrates events helping readers to draw mental images and getting to move with the plot. It is a great piece of art that does not have any repetitions or poor formatted pages that may confuse readers. This book can simply, be read by anyone including those who do not find pleasure in reading books. The Murder mystery offers many readers a chance to learn and understand more about life from a perfect stage of reality. Craig makes a good writer by developing a satisfying drama, active and engaging characters and the evocation of place. Readers love this book because as events unfold, we tend to find out if there is anyone seeking vengeance. It is a cold dish that the sheriff is facing in his career of 24 years as an experienced and highly trained professional.


The events that make up this story involve a combination of characters that are facing different trials in life. The Sheriff of Wyoming, Absaroka County is in a big trouble after the death of Cody Pritchard. The events that took place two years earlier made him (Cody) and three of his colleagues suspended after they were all found guilty of raping a girl from Northern Cheyenne.

Death without Company


This is Johnson’s number two Walt Longmire novel. It perfectly fulfils the events that have been created by its debut series-The Cold Dish (2004). Its reviews indicate its prominence and how it has so far influenced a majority of people who understand and freely flow with its plot, setting, characters and storyline. It offers more illustrations as well as vivid explanations of events of a murder case. It is a quality piece of work that has made many writers work hard in improving on their writing style as they believe in its order of events.


Logmire is an aging sheriff; he is highly admired for his kindness and tenacious spirit. He is tied to a murder case once again and this is singled out from the death of a woman in an assisted-living home. Longmire together with Vitoria Moretti, a foulmouthed deputy soon begin to dig deeper into the victim’s past life. The plot unfolds in a professional manner as tail lead to multiple detections. A former sheriff Lucian Connally comes to the rescue to save the situation at hand.


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