Craig Johnson Month #2: Kindness Goes Unpunished, Another Man’s Moccasins

Kindness Goes Unpunished

In this book, Walt Longmire is Sheriff who has worked in Absaroka County for a while. He is personable and witty, two qualities he has extensively displayed while ensuring that justice is done in Wyoming. While on a journey to Philadelphia, accompanied by his long time friend Henry and daughter, Cady his daughter, and a lawyer by profession, is singled out for a terrible attack in which she is almost killed.Walt is confronted with the rude shock that someone is after his daughter who has somehow involved herself in the murky waters of politics.

Walt quickly swings into action with a high powered team of officers from Philadelphia alongside his friend Henry. This is where rubber meets road and armed with tactics from his long career as a sheriff, they will take no chances in making sure that other murders they discover and which are totally unrelated to Cady’s incident are fully investigated. Together with his team, they set to work.

This detective mystery offers the promise of an intriguing story when Walt is out touring Philadelphia in order to get acquainted with his daughter’s blue-blood boyfriend. His friend Henry is also out on an assignment of historical nature to do with an exhibition engagement to the same place. There is humor as well as mystery cleverly woven into the story which makes the book an interesting read.

This book is riddled with mystery and suspense which keeps the reader glued. That it has complicated characters is toned down by wit and humor thrown into the plot via the character of Walt which makes it hard to put down. It is also action packed, giving a glimpse into both the inner and outer life of Walt even as he is faced with a variety of issues including corruption and collusion of individuals involved in the crimes. All these things work on his emotions during the entire life of this story. It is a book that is highly recommended for lovers of detective mysteries.

Another Man’s Moccasins

The book opens with a murder of a young woman from Vietnam and only one murder suspect: Virgil White Buffalo. The discovery of a picture in the dead woman’s possession however, throws in a completely different angle to the story reminding Walt of another case he had investigated forty years earlier in Vietnam when he had worked as a Marine.

What follows thereafter is a completely new twist to a murder case that should otherwise have been straightforward but the mystery deepens when it is discovered that a forty-year old history could have a bearing on the murders associated with this case. Walt and Henry are also at pains to unravel the story behind the Indian man who was found living in a place close to where the body of the Vietnamese woman was found.

This mystery book brings to fore the story of the disturbing memories of Walt and his friend Henry while they were in Vietnam and differentiates it with their present lives in the county of Absaroka. The contrast helps to make the story so powerfully compelling and interesting to read. Each paragraph in the book goes further in unraveling the heart breaking story of the homeless Indian and the disturbing Vietnam story.

Craig Johnson outdoes himself in writing this piece of literature which gives a story of injustice, coming to terms with one’s life and how a human being learns how to survive in this universe where changing circumstances of life are thrown at you every passing moment. The readers can only sit back and enjoy this masterpiece even as they are transported through the different parts of the plot, journeying with Craig Johnson until he brings the story to a resounding close.


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