Craig Johnson Month #3: The Dark Horse, Junkyard Dogs

The Dark horse

The Dark horse begins with a sheriff who goes it of his way to investigate hi instincts which actually tell him that there is something completely wrong after a woman is arrested for the murder of her husband. Wade Barsad decided to burn down all the horses on the barn while they we’re still alive. It is as a result of this that Mary shot him six bullets to the head. The sheriff does not believe this story believing that the woman is innocent and therefore goes out for more. In his quest for more details, he finds out that there are many individuals who wanted the man dead. The sheriff therefore has to go out of his way in order to find out what the truth really is concerning the case.Craig Johnson is the author of a mystery series novel that was published in 2009. The novel features a number of dark and dirty characters. Elena turned out to be different from all the other characters because she did not actually care about anyone. The Dark horse puts a unique feeling which revolves around a certain mysterious village. Craig Johnson is therefore a well respected mystery writer that has so far done more than nine books. The Dark horse, which is also the fifth book of Craig’s list, was at one time the publisher’s week best book. This book portrays a funny Craig Johnson who is loved by all because of his unexplainable ability to write. He has so far never disaponyed his readers. This is therefore not meant to change anytime soon.

Junkyard Dogs

This is a thriller book that is written by Craig Johnson and is meant to completely absorb you into it. Due to the fact that Johnson’s doings are unpredictable, you would never know of what to expect next. He actually made me think of moving to Wyoming. However, there is some difficulty in understanding some scenes which are interconnected. This novel therefore brings us to a county called Absaroka where a sheriff attempts to maintain the level of peace at a high standard. This is a very small town and the sheriff knows each and every corner of this town. The sheriff has the responsibility of ensuring that the law is adhered to the letter on a daily basis, even with her on off girlfriend being around. As the events unfold, the final outcome leaves one person dead and the other is imprisoned. Craig Johnson has the ability to deliver his characters from black comedy. A certain group of dogs from the junkyard come up to persue the citizens of the town. This therefore brings the sheriff out of one complicated scenario to the other. The plot and characters of this book smoothly shift one after the other. A sense of isolation is created by the snow capped mountains where the plot takes place in an environment considered to be cruel and harsh giving no quarter. Longmire would perfectly feel at home when he is in his jail for that night with his prisoners. Craig Johnson is therefore fun to read.


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