Jessica Sorensen Month #1: Darkness Falls, Darkness Breaks


As soon as the spread of a disease,which transforms humans into vampires, everyone went into hiding. However, Kayla lives in a city that is protected from the vampires. The city is governed by Highers, a powerful race. Kayla is the protector of the colony, and is expected to be perfect and obedient to the Highers.. However, in a moment of carelessness, she lets her imperfection show, and is chosen for the Gathering where no one survives. But, Kayla comes across some characters like Sylas, Aiden and discovers that the Highers has been keeping secrets, secrets that can lead to a cure.

Darkness falls is a brilliant introduction to new series. The author has brilliantly created the three worlds of Humans, Vampires and Higher. The distinct difference between the 3 species were extremely impressive. The character were also very vibrant, and each had their own uniqueness. Kayla is an extremely brave girl who is determined to find the cure. Aiden on the other hand is a very lovable character. The way he cares for Kalya and stands by her will melt your heart. The side characters were also great. The book is extremely fast paced and manages to keep the readers hooked at all time. Jessica Sorensen explores the human psyche in this book, like how one reacts to fear, betrayal and just how much one is ready to sacrifice for safety. The Darkness Falls is extremely detailed and full of complex relations between the victim and the victimized. Overall this is a very enjoyable book, full of action, adventure and a little bit of romance.


Kayla is staying with the Day Takers, and secretly killing vampires. however, fighting vampires is a difficult task. Sylas, on the other hand, constantly pressures Kayla to choose the life of a Day Taker, but until Kayla knows about Monarch’s plans she is unable to make her choice. As her memories resurface, Kayla learns of Cell , a place which holds the answers to the creation of the virus. But, getting into Cell 7 will be an extremely difficult task.

Darkness Breaks picks up just after Darkness Falls and is worth reading for Sylas alone. Sylas is a Day Taker and is a hybrid of sorts-half human/half vampire, with the ability to be awake during daylight hours, and this ensures that Kayla has someone to keep a watch on her while she battles the unknown. However, they come across a new hybrid that threatens their existence. In order to survive, Kayla has to become the very thing she was programmed to destroy. The author has created a love triangle between Kayla, Sylas and Aiden. The fast paced nature of the book makes it a very entertaining read. The minor twists throughout the plot will keep the readers guessing. Jessica Sorensen has successfully created an atmosphere of suspense and confusion. The book ends with a cliffhanger, that like the characters will keep you wondering what was a lie and what was the truth. Overall, it was a very continuation of the series and keeps us desperately waiting for the next book.


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