Jessica Sorensen Month #2: The Fallen Star, The Underworld

The Fallen Star

Gemma, 18 years of age, has never lived a normal life like everyone else around her. She cannot understand why she is devoid of emotional feelings but strangely, when she is in the company of Alex, the charming guy who recently joined their school, she feels electric waves buzz through her skin. Additionally, the ever-present monsters in her dreams have decided to show up in real life. Things don’t go according to script and Alex doesn’t particularly seem to fancy her. Matters become more complicated with past secrets surfacing all over the place threatening to make her life totally unbearable. Unraveling her past secrets becomes her living preoccupation.

This paranormal fantasy is as darkly intriguing as it is mysteriously compelling. Told from the perspective of Gemma, the readers are introduced to characters ,both major and minor, who play intricate roles in unraveling the plot of the story of Gemma’s life and the supernatural happenings which at most occasions merge with happenings in real life in a manner that even Gemma herself does not seem to totally grasp.

Her connection to the stars, the connection of Alex to the protectors and the significant part Alex and Aislin must play in Gemma’s life makes the suspense created in the story really mind boggling. The twists and the turns to the plot, the complicated history of Gemma’s past and the hidden truth about the identity of her mother all come together to make this book a masterpiece of a cleverly woven and well written piece of literary art that keeps a reader on edge such that they can’t help but keep turning the pages in order to find out how everything eventually plays out.

The Underworld

In this book, Gemma’s mind was supposed to be gone or so she thought but that wasn’t the case. Unsure about Stephan’s intentions towards her and not knowing who is trustworthy, Gemma in the company of Alex and Laylan must brave the odds and venture into the underworld to bring back Gemma’s mother but as it were, this is one place that no one is particularly enthusiastic about touring.

This is another book that the author used to give more details about Gemma’s life and that of her mother although from the onset, one is totally in the dark as to where the plot of this story will eventually lead. This in itself, is a stylistic device that Jessica uses to tell the story in a manner that will lead to growing and compelling suspense which will urge the reader to read on. The book includes mythical beings in its plot such as vampires, witches, Foreseers and Keepers who go a long way to paint the picture of a strangely amazing world inhabited by these creatures.

Jessica uniquely brings together the characters of Gemma and Alex and cleverly lets the status of their relationship to remain unknown although it is hinted at when they are together. This helps to create suspense, tickling and gnawing at the reader’s curiosity which effectively work to keep alive the desire to know what eventually transpired.

Overall, the characters in this book help tell a story of such untold supernatural proportions which is Jessica’s own unique landmark and this sets her aside in a niche of her own as readers clamor for more of her books.


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