Jessica Sorensen Month #3: Ember, Cinder


Seventeen year old Ember has a curse that allows her to be able to tell when someone will die with a simple touch, and only her best friend Raven is privy to the secret, until the handsome and mysterious Asher Morgan comes along. Asher, immune to her death touch, evokes a sense of tranquility in her mind and she becomes naively attracted to him though she later realizes that things become darker and murder is rife.

Jessica Sorensen employs the use of vivid imagery to bring the characters to life in this 337 page novel. Initially, I found the plot build up quite slow but the pace picked up as I progressed through the engaging novel that had be positively enthralled from cover to cover. I could easily relate with a lot of instances in the book and identify with the principal characters that faced adversities and perceived impending doom as exemplified in Ember, the main character. In the novel, Sorensen was able to bring out my empathetic nature as she craftily spun her engaging yarn. I could actually feel the characters anxieties, hopes passions and pains that they constantly went through. Ember’s tumult ridden mind and questions of how she will tackle her feelings when faced with a love triangle between Asher Cameron and herself and dark powers kept me riveted. In spite of the great storyline, the author’s novel is plagued with proofreading errors and discordant sentences. It is definitely suspense filled and left me yearning for more.

Ember X is a mature adult version of Ember the first book in the Jessica Sorensen Month #3 Death Collectors series. It contains gory violent scenes and steamy sexual escapades suitable for readers above seventeen years.


A much older and mature Ember realizes she is the last Grim Angel and her mind is constantly plagued with a plethora of questions and she is facing an identity crisis. She contemplates a return to a life in solitude with the intricate comings and goings with the male elements in her life, as an impending war between Angels and Reapers looms in the horizon.

I realized that Cinder was not as enthralling and suspense filled as the previous book though the ending left me with a lot of unanswered questions in my mind, and I can’t wait to read the third book in the series. Unlike the previous novel, the sequel does not have many twists and turns. Sorensen brings out a great depth in the characters especially Asher and Cameron who appear dubious and two faced while maintaining their appeal. I constantly kept referring to previous chapters as I read the book so that I could identify the good or bad guy. The element of mystery and coming of age romance is well brought out by Sorensen. The books ending will definitely leave readers on the edge of their seats and crave for the third book in the amazing Jessica Sorensen Month #3 Death Collectors series.

Cinder X is an adult paranormal version of the original Cinder version in Jessica Sorensen Month #3 Death Collectors series. It is suitable for readers above seventeen years as it has explicit content and a lot of violence.


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