Robert B. Parker Month #1: The Godwulf Manuscript, God Save the Child

The Godwulf Manuscript

The Godwulf Manuscript is another excellent read from Robert J. Parker. If you have been a fan of his books, then you are aware of the fact that he wrote this book because he had missed Chandler’s Philip Marlowe despite reading all his other books and short stories. While reading the book, I noticed that the storyline was well paced and had me guessing from the first page to the last. As the first book in the Spenser series, this book was a lot better than I had expected it to be, despite the violence and the few sexual scenes. With that being said, Parker introduces us to one detective Spenser who has been contracted to locate a medieval manuscript that has been stolen from a local University.

Published in the year, when campus radicalization was rampant, Spenser suspects that the manuscript was stolen by a group of dirty hippies, but once one of them is murdered which channels the focus from the group to a young female. Since the police officers are willing to go along with the frame up, than find out who the real killer is, it is up to Spenser to clear the girl’s name. While reading the series, I found Spenser to be an exceedingly interesting character. He is also quite charming and quite a ladies man. If you are a fan of mystery and crime novels, then the Godwulf series should be found on the upper echelons of your reading list.

God save the Child

Just like the first book in the series, I found God Save the Child equally interesting and captivating. Since I managed to complete the first and second book in this series I feel qualified to state that God Save the Child is one of his best story in the series. God save the Child begins where the previous book left off. In this book Spenser has been contracted to find a missing boy. The boy’s father is an egotistical alcoholic while the father is a workaholic. All the evidence indicate that the boy has been kidnapped but as I continued to read the book, I was surprised to discover several plot surprises.

Just from reading the book, I was able to tell that this was Robert J. Parker at his very best. The plot of the book is terrific and does not at any one point come secondary to the mains character emotional life. This also happens when the author introduces a new character, Susan Silverman who adds a fresh kick to the plot. Despite the fact that the plot setting of this book and that of the entire series takes place somewhere in the mid 1970’s, the value of the book and the entire story line is not detracted in any way. With that being said, once I finished reading this book, I was more than curious to see where Robert J. Parker was going to go next. All in all, this book is a great quick read that you should unquestionably give it a try.


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