Robert B. Parker Month #2: Night Passage, Trouble in Paradise

Night Passage and Trouble in Paradise

One of the finest creations in the series of crime novels is the Jesse Stone series. This series has four novels published one after the other. Created by Robert B. Parker, Night Passage, Trouble in Paradise the second in this series, has been interestingly read and appreciated by readers all over the world.

The novel revolves around Chief Stone, who is initially introduced in the story through a series of events and finally settles into his new life. Jesse’s ex-wife namely Jenn relocates to Massachusetts, a place in Boston. She starts working with Channel 3 news; achieves a minor celebrity status and becomes a bit popular among the viewers. This weather girl for Channel 3 news, Jenn begins meeting his ex-husband Jesse again, but doesn’t commit to this relationship. Parallel to seeing each other, both Jesse and Jenn are in separate relationships with other people as well. Jenn often dates with the lead news anchor of the same channel, whereas Jesse is in a relationship with Abby Taylor and Mary Campbell, the local real estate agents. The narrative highlights Jesse’s sexual skills being a topic of office chats, which he doesn’t mind at all.

Robert B. Parker Month #2: Night Passage, Trouble in Paradise is one of the most beautiful creations in the world of crime novels. The entire narrative comes gradually and smoothly; with every character entering into the scene beautifully. Mass, paradise and Jesse stone as characters made their perfect debuts in the first novel of this series. The second one i.e. Night Passage, Trouble in Paradise surely turns out to be far better than the earlier one.

The success of any novel depends primarily on the story around which the entire novel revolves. Trouble in paradise has a top-notch original story, which is the back bone of a novel. All characters of the novel are realistic and viewers relate to them as part of their own lives. Great dialogues written by the author arouse readers’ interest from the beginning to the last part of the novel.

The tight storytelling abilities of the author have not only impressed his regular readers, but have made an impact on the minds of new young readers. At no point during their journey of reading this crime novel, readers lose their interest. Reading such kind of a book is like watching good cinema with each character placed perfectly into the scene. There is no doubt that a legendry film maker will create a thriller suspense movie ready to be applauded by viewers all over.

Parker can be well compared to a boxer crunching a bone with his fist. So is the perfection in Parker’s penning of this crime novel. It is a perfect mix of traditional mystery with great dialogues, ideal action and police procedures

A typical creation of Robert B. Parker, Trouble in paradise is action packed, engrossing and a one sitting read. As a witty novelist parker has again been successful in creating a plot that surely has left a huge impact on the minds of the readers.


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