Robert B. Parker Month #3: Family Honor, Perish Twice

Family Honor

This book introduces the book’s heroine Sunny Randal who is portrayed as one wearing many hats: divorcee, a graduate, former cop, Boston P.I, owner of a dog named Rosie and one with ambitions of becoming a painter. A very interesting combination. Wealthy parents of a teenage girl called Millicent enlist Sunny’s services to find their missing daughter. Sunny calls on the services of unlikely contacts from the underworld to locate Millicent. Although she succeeds to rescue Millicent who had decided to become a prostitute,she wasn’t prepared for the surprising turn of events. She realizes that she has to be Millicent’s custodian and bodyguard, wade off attacks from mobsters, request for help from unlikely quarters, unravel a murder, work on a criminal conspiracy and help Millicent regain her senses.

The plots in this book are classically put together and Parker cleverly does a good job of keeping tabs on both without losing the tempo and momentum of the book. This makes for an interesting read. That one family’s honor must be restored does not take the flavor out of the other serious matter of solving a murder mystery. All these being done by Sunny, who must juggle between different roles of rescuer, custodian, bodyguard and detective help in making this book quite unique. Besides, this action packed book treats us to surprising events where Randall has to get help from Richie and her friend Spike, both their histories notwithstanding. With aspects of the book such as these, the plot of the story becomes absolutely interesting and even more riveting.

Overall, this book’s characters are well developed to the extend of moving the story forward. They expertly tell the story that in every way resembles what happens in homes across the world, in the the murky world of crime, in relationships, the emotions that go with them and lastly, in the world of a sensitive, multi-dimensional investigator who must outdo herself to match the demanding duties of her career. This book is as fascinating as it is entertaining.

Perish Twice

Robert Parker is at it again in this book with his investigator Sunny Randall. She helps out three women, all of them totally different in every aspect of the word. This happens in very precarious circumstances: in business, friendship and family. Then there is the real possibility that all these situations could be deadly and disastrous.

Sunny here, as a private investigator, has to help with a situation where Mary L. Goddard’s life is threatened by pursuers who make unwanted and potentially dangerous advances to her. coupled with her sister’s and her friend’s complicated personal life stories, the book tells a story of an investigator’s life that is fast paced and riddled with different situations, all clamoring for her attention.

The book also helps readers to see how an investigator must be sensitive, keen and full of hind sight in order to notice anything amiss, which others are not able to see, so that unresolved cases of crime are appropriately dealt with. Sometimes, as has been seen in this book, the investigator has only so much to go by, in terms of information and so they must rely on their own intelligence and ingenious ability and expertise to move a case forward.

When one of Goddard’s member of staff is killed and Goddard seems to be playing her cards very close to her chest, the readers cannot help but wonder how Sunny will deal with this situation eventually. This aspect of mystery makes the book more and more interesting. This story also gives a reader the glimpse into the life of a woman, who is not like your every day woman; willing to brave the odds and overcome insurmountable hurdles and even endanger her life; all in an effort to bring justice and help make the world a better place for all concerned.

Overall, the book’s characters are developed in a manner that gives a glimpse into their lives, the emotional turmoil that accompanies relationships and the precarious situations that one can find themselves in that will make them seek help from unlikely places. It is interesting, easy to read and entertaining.


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