John Katzenbach Month #2: Day of Reckoning, Just Cause


This is a story about a family of Megan and Duncan who were in jeopardy. Duncan is a banker and his wife is working in the real estate and they are blessed with beautiful kids. They have a radical past which comes back to haunt them. Drama starts to unfold when Duncan is called from the office through his office phone and the intense catchy story which involves mysteries and crime tales unfolds.

John Katzenbach is one of the best novelists that manage to capture the readers with his writing skills. I love the way he puts suspension on the Day of Reckoning thus any reader who loves crime tales would really love it.

Personally I love this book because it gives out lots of information which is smartly written by the author John Katzenbach. His ideas are very original making the book to be unique.

The book makes you feel as if you are in it, since its story is flowing so well and in between there are suspensions which makes you not to let go of the book and continue reading page by page to the end.

I love the different styles that John Katzenbach has used though at some point in the plot things appear to be unbelievable but at the same time it makes you want to go on reading.

What really made me love this book is the fact that its message is very inspiring. From this book you can learn to make good and quality decision of your life.


This is a story about a reporter who goes by the name Matt Cowart, who finally succeeds to free Robert Earl Ferguson who was an African American convicted for rape and murder and was to be put on the electric chair.

I love reading books that involve characters who are serial killers, who go from one place to another in the country and no one can be able to trace them at all. It has characters that pursue even the impossible goals. This book fulfilled all that, since it is unpredictable therefore as soon as you start reading it, it’s hard for you to put it down.

What I really love about this book is the mind games and the moral conflict that Matt Cowart is facing. It is hard for him and the readers to tell between the right and wrong. This makes the story so wonderful.

Although it is a little bit so long its story is so captivating with different twists in it. I love the pure suspense that is found in every chapter. John Katzenbach is good in characterization although at some point in the book I felt like he was more focused on the story line and a bit shy to pursue the characters.

The fact that the author has managed to blend in different topics within the plot such as racism, the weaknesses of the judicial system, death sentence, criminal minds, revenge etc has made the book even more interesting to read and relate to it.

I being a science fiction lover, I couldn’t get my hands off this book. It makes you ask yourself lots of question in your head that makes you keep turning the pages hoping to get to know what the answers are.


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