Mark Greaney Month #1: The Gray Man, On Target

The Gray man is the first book in The Gray man action series and it is authored by Mark Greaney . The Gray man involves a character whom according to me is one of those assassins who are a true ‘natural’. He goes by the name Gentry, works through a handler in CIA and he only kills when there is need to.

The plot of the book was mighty inclusive of deep suspense and is action packed. I acknowledge Greaney for bringing modern weaponry in this book which makes one undoubtedly believe he has quite a long experience with guns. The fun and thrill in the book extends as we find the protagonist across Europe and Middle East as he tries to stay alive.

The author has given detailed and authentic information and description of the skills such as espionage and the CIA as a unit. The characters are simple to remember though at times they are multiple named. The pace is quite as speedy as the protagonist travels throughout the world.

As my eyes paced through the read, I put myself in the position of a native Briton. The British characters do not exhibit the ‘Englishman culture and appearance’ in them. The sentence structure did not feel right whilst reading this piece and also Jim is exaggerated. He is described more as a fairytale character. Another con I found in this book is the balance between good and evil. The bad guys are too bad to be real.

I five star this book and commend Mark for such a moving work. After reading this I had to buy the second book in the series which is called On target. In this book, Court Gentry is betrayed by his handlers whilst in the CIA. He is pursued by a former battle buddy who tries to make him go for a mission he is not ready for. For Gentry to stay alive he has to do anything in his abilities even if it means shedding blood and even killing.

I liked this book mainly because of its twists in the plot and surprises that really caught me off guard. It is quite catchy although I feel it would have intrigued me more and captured many readers if Court was his own man. Action wise, I think the Jason Bourne like figure did not actually come out as expected. The action and combos were too mainstream.

Mark Greaney also shows Court’s humane side in this book. This clearly comes out when he refuses to kill unless he is on the edge where it is either kill or get killed. This is a rather too soft image considering Court is an assassin who has worked on hit lists before. I appreciate the fact that Greaney gave the whole story life through thorough research. He quite gives detailed information which paints mental pictures of the locations involved, the stature of the characters, the jobs and cultures. He has also introduced new characters in this piece of work; Sid Sidorenko, Ellen Walsh and commander Sierra One.

The multiple naming is one of the cons of this book. For example the main character Court was also called the Greyman, Courtland, Six or Gentry. I was shushed when I realized that even the supporting characters have also more than one names. The subplot also extends to the fortieth pages which is too long.

There is also exaggeration where we find that Gentry kept in going despite having injuries that would cause death. Though shot, getting stabbed, being blown up, he does not die. It was more like Will Smith in the Hancock.

Overall, I would say that this book is perfect for the fans of thriller and action reads. The protagonist’s core character has been well expressed and played out. Believe me you, the plot is full of mysteries, surprises and action. I rate this book as four starred read. Watch out good citizens, the Grey Man is around the corner.


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