Mark Greaney Month #2: Ballistic, Dead Eye

Mark Greaney Month #2 Ballistic


Court Gentry who is an Ex-CIA killer thought he could find shelter by living in the Amazon rain forest. But little that he knows that his terrible past finds him. A vengeful Russian crime Lord Forces him to be back on the run again. Making his way to the only man he can trust in the world comes to a disappointment when his friend is dead and buried. His good friend, Eddie Gamboa saved Court’s life many years ago and ended up being dead as he has been brutally killed by the notorious Mexican drug dealer he needs to take down. Soon, he needs to face a war with no sides, only survivors. Ballistic is without a slight doubt the best Gray Man novel by far. The story was thrilling and very engaging if were to compare with the past series. This book possesses a lot new characters who were all very creatively created. They are all vastly different from the one sided characters from earlier books. Now the gray man has the early stages of a pleasantly fleshed out character who I will look forward to reading about in the future. I would highly recommend this book to anyone who loves suspense.

Mark Greaney Month #2 Dead Eye


Court Gentry an ex-CIA master assassin is always very proud of his capability to disappear whenever needed, to hide under the radar and appear in the dark shadows. This, of course, to be able to survive as the near-mythical Gray Man. Fate is not on his side when it’s time for him to take revenge on a former employer who have betrayed him which leads him to expose himself to something that he could never expect. Who? What? It is a killer, who is an exact duplicate of himself. Dead Eye is the code name, and his real name is Russell Whitlock who is an alumna of the same ultra-secret Autonomous Asset Program. He was once controlled and trained by Gentry. Being a free agent, Whitlock has been urged to kill his fellow student of death. Knowing how his target deliberates, moves, and kills, this is an advantage for him. Most importantly, he knows the perfect way to do the unfinished business and make Gentry run for his life. This ought to be one of the best books in the series so far. It possesses a very intelligent story line; a bit of suspense, action series that is not disgustingly violent and it always stands back to the original story line. Looking at this, the series is potential to advance into something fruitful over the next several years. Gentry no longer needs to all alone fight against many resourceful enemies who somehow were forced to be incompetent and only to figure out the hero couldn’t be defeated in the end. With that being said, the action sequence, the writing, as well as the story is well plotted and I highly recommend this to anyone who seeks for a thrilling and enjoyable story.


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