Mark Greaney Month #3: Support and Defend, Back Blast

Support and Defend.

The legacy of Tom Clancy is hard to follow, but Mark Greaney, in Support and Defend, did a marvelous job, worthy of praise. The thrill and passion with which Tom created his characters and plot are visible in Mark’s work. The story evolves in a familiar fashion to Clancy’s style. The protagonist is Dominic Caruso, an FBI agent and the nephew of Jack Ryan, who remains the President of USA. He is after Ethan Ross, who has sensitive information concerning national security. Meanwhile, the Russians and other Islamic terrorist groups are also after the info. A nerve-wracking page turner, it is bound to mesmerize you.

Take a trip to the shady world of closed-door global diplomacy, through this novel. It navigates the undercurrents of events that shape our global environment and takes the readers well along with ease. The passage is smooth, and reading this is a real charm. The characters are well segregated and a certain depth is reached in the characters, before plunging right into the plot. The plot is a complex cluster of different groups chasing one piece of information, that can ruin the great USA. Honestly, it gets a little boring if each novel revolves around the ruin of America. But if you love that rise from the ashes, nationalistic, flag-waving, patriotic feeling, like I do, drop this into your bucket list right away. The trill is well maintained to the end, the writing is smooth and easy, and most importantly, the feel of Tom Clancy’s style is well balanced.

Book Title- Back Blast.

It’s very tough to fill in the shoes of a legend, especially in a creative field such as writing. Back Blast, which is an addition to the notoriously famous Jack Ryan series, has filled those shoes in style. Mark Greaney, is a rare gem among writers and an extremely talented story-teller. The plot is around an ace ex-CIA agent, who is targeted by the Agency. The rouge agent takes on the new avatar of an international assassin, Gray Man. He lands on the shores of America, years later, to seek answers and revenge. Unknown to him, the US administrations is well aware of his whereabouts. A strategic game of chess evolves in real life, with Gray Man fighting against the whole system which raised him.

The novel is a sweet surprise, for first-time readers and fans of Mark alike. It is rich in plot and vibrant in its characters. The flow and pace he creates moves like a calm wave over an easy sea, which survives until the very end. The ending is conclusive and answers all the mysteries the novel raises. Though at times things get a little unbelievable, but it’s fiction after all. If you can ignore some boasted facts, then you will surely enjoy every page of this book. It will let you travel deep into the world of revenge and patriotism. If Tom Clancy could read this work, I am sure he would be proud, as his legacy is in good hands. Take some time out and read this 500+ page novel, to rediscover adrenalin rush.


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