Mark Greaney Month #4 Full Force and Effect, Commander-In-Chief

Full Force and Effect

Carrying the torch following Tom Clancy’s death, Mark Greaney has done a commendable job of adding the next chapter to the marvelous Jack Ryan series. The storyline of the 10th book revolves around the new challenge that former CIA officer Jack Ryan faces as the current President of the United States with North Korea trying to build up their nuclear capabilities with the addition of ICBM missiles.

The impressive thing about Full Force and Effect is that despite being written by Mark Greany, it still ultimately feels and reads like a Tom Clancy novel. Despite being fictional, it becomes obvious that real-world geopolitical scenarios have influenced what this novel portrays. Although not as large as the previous novels, Greany’s first solo addition to the series is quite thick. The politics that this novel is filled with feel like they belong in modern day news headlines.

The novel also contains plenty of espionage and spy-craft, and vigorous action. The firm and rigid command that Mark Greaney displays over the characters is not surprising, considering that he had co-authored these characters with Clancy in the past. Greaney’s execution of some of the most energetic and tense moments in the novel is quite perfect.

Upon reading this novel, fans of the series and its characters will not feel disappointed that Mark Greaney has inherited the Jack Ryan franchise. Considering how aptly he has moved the characters forward, it is quite a delight that he went on to add another installment to the series in the form of Commander-in-Chief, the 11th Jack Ryan novel.


Unlike a typical spy novel, Mary Greaney’s 736 pages long, second solo novel from the late Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan series is quite a lengthy thriller that you will want to finish in one sitting. Commander-In-Chief revolves revolving around U.S. President Jack Ryan’s latest challenge, preventing Russian President Valeri Volodin from creating global conflict while facing the threat of 5000 Russian troops invading a NATO nation.

Arguably, out of the previous Jack Ryan novels that Greaney has co-authored and Full Force and Effect, his latest one is the best of them all yet. In terms of being a thriller, the novel is extremely realistic and many of the issues that it tackles are ones that the modern world is facing today. For instance, Valeri Volodin is somewhat like Vladmir Putin, the current President of Russia.

Russia’s economy is shown to be struggling drastically in the novel and Volodin wishes to retain his power at all costs, which is what most of the novel’s plot revolves around. Considering that this spy novel pits American against Russia makes for an engrossing and interesting read. The fact that the setting is modern day and both nations have access to advanced technology certainly helps.

Despite the above, the language used in the novel is not overly technical, which is an aspect where Greaney distinguishes himself from Clancy and it is one that readers will appreciate. Overall, Jack Ryan is quite an iconic character, and as far as spy novels and thrillers go, the latest one from the franchise excels in both genres.


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