Stuart Woods Month #1: New York Dead & Dirt

New York Dead.

The first flight is often the hardest. The widely popular Stone Barrington series’ first novel, New York Dead, by Stuart Woods, has the power to garner a huge fan-following. The detective thriller comes as an easy to read, engaging and full of twists and turns. The plot surrounds around the life of classy, ex-lawyer turned cop, Stone Barrington. Sasha Nijinsky, the country’s hottest television anchorwoman commits suicide. This incident changes Stone’s life forever, haunting him in his life and dreams alike.

The book is more about building the character of Stone Barrington, who starts off as a New York cop. But, he is not your average bread earning cop. He took the job of a cop only after being a highly educated lawyer. Yes !! That’s right. He chose the life of a cop to serve his passion for investigating things. The plot is interesting with, complicated twists and turns explained simply. It’s a mystery wrapped in explicit descriptions and derogatory language. Read it with an open mind, to enjoy this masterpiece, as the way it is. Especially, if you want to soak yourself in the riches of New York’s rich, this is a must read the novel with utmost priority. It will leave you amazed and wondering. More importantly, it sets the tone for an entire series that will not fail to grapple you till the very end. Prepare to be addicted to the notorious life of Stone Barrington.

Book Review- Dirt.

Ace Storyteller and king of detective novels, Stuart Woods’s second novel in the Stone Barrington series, Dirt, is an art in itself. Stuart builds up the plot steadily and takes the reader on a sudden fascinating roller-coaster ride. He chose the intriguing world of gossip as the backdrop of this novel. An unknown person shrouded in mystery is targeting people who create gossip. He is revealing embarrassing secrets about them, to raise scandals. Amanda Dart, queen of gossip and a much-hated personality, approaches detective Stone Barrington for help. A series of murder follow Stone’s entry into the investigation.

Irresistible in its storyline but just average in general, Dirt is a combination of both disappointment and excitement. The disappointment comes from the characters. They are often shallow or simply unnecessary. The earlier book in the series had focused much on character building and with respect to that, this seems extremely vague. The characters are also almost similar with little diversity. But the beauty of this book lies beyond that. Reading Stuart’s work is very easy and pleasant. No hard sentencing or complex words. The chapters are short and the story adheres quite well into one’s mind. He takes the reader slowly and steadily into the plot with extreme patience. This is unusual for Stuart Woods, and is a very nice surprise to his regular readers. The book takes a look at the dark side of human nature. The side filled with ego and pride, the side which wants to defame other, the side which wants to make fun of others. It explores the hidden inner passions of our minds, with much intensity and care. The story sends out a nice message at the end, which can be a spoiler if read out loud. I leave that for you to discover.


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