Tom Clancy Month #1: Patriot Games, The Hunt for Red October

Tom Clancy is a high profile author, with top notch skills when it comes to writing. His solid base of sufficient knowledge in science, as well as espionage, gives him an upper hand, by stirring up natural creativity in his pieces; owing to the way he brings out his unique themes.

To begin with, one of the exceptional pieces that found the way into the market domain is referred to as Patriot games. It is the first book. From England, Ireland to America, people’s lives go down spiral as the entire families of a CIA analyst as well as himself are swept away as a result of violence.

The reason behind that is International terrorism that threatens the very existence of mankind. The IRA attacked him since he attempted to offer salvation in an assassination attempted, and ended up paying the price with his own life instead.

This piece brings out the idea of danger and violence, as well as the effects of them. In as much as it is fictitious, it actually mirrors true life, and how some things may happen. The book starts out with a bang, prompting the readers to stick to the book so as to figure out what will happen next.

On the other hand, The hunt for red October which is actually his third book in the Jack Ryan series. The story entails the pursuit of a to secret missile sub. The characters, therefore, have to do everything within their power in order to it and solve the problem afterward.

In the Atlantic, a place which can’t be figured out clearly, a soviet sub commander has made a terrible decision. The Red October is headed towards the West. The Americans want to get her and Russians want her back at the same time.

This piece is richly characteristic of great creativity. It brings out the picture of making a grave mistake and facing imminent danger as a result of that. The Commander makes a grave mistake by confusing herself and two of dangerous parties want to forcefully make her do something that she is not even sure about because her life is on the line as well.

These pieces are greatly appealing in the sense that not only do they widen horizons when it comes to handling situations of danger and tension, but offer very much in the way of entertainment as well. Also, the author writes it with utmost passion because he actually delves into something he enjoys.

The reason as to why he is able to bring out the picture clearly in the pictures is that the storyline is based on the cold war. His wild imaginative capacity, therefore, prompts him to take the plunge to enumerate what can happen if something is done intelligently with less physical wars, and how detrimental it can be to the society.

For that reason, the books attract many readers since it acutely attempts to describe the horrors that may come in during a cold war and the destruction it is likely to cause to the Community generally. It is undeniably evident that Tom Clancy is a competent author in the writing industry.


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