Tom Clancy Month #2: Cardinal of Kremlin, Clear and Present Danger

Tom Clancy is a prolific writer with a tremendously appealing craft when it comes to churning out pieces in the market domain. His military mentality, as well as knowledge, inspired him to go ahead to write books that echo his profound passion since he expresses himself extensively through the novels.

One of his books is the 4th book referred to as the Cardinal of Kremlin. The book is characteristic of an interesting storyline that’s very captivating. Two men have adequate knowledge on Russia Star Wars Missile defense system. One of them is Cardinal. For that very reason, his life is in grave danger because he is about to be terminated by the KGB. The other one is an American who can potentially save the cardinal and ultimately spiral peace as opposed to the initial state.

This book is characteristic of interestingly held out themes that delve into espionage as well as violence and danger. The plot is acutely gripping in the sense that the author brings out the storyline in a natural way that makes it easier for the readers to follow it without fail. In addition to that, the addictive flow makes readers want to know more and more about the story. The strategy also comes rolling into the picture where the other American has to come in handy to save cardinal otherwise he will lose his life.

Another book is the 5th one referred to as Clear and Present danger. The CIA, Jack Ryan who is the hero of patriotic games is convinced he will never have a boring summer. Also, there is the sudden assassination of three American officials in Colombia. Many people who set off for mission mistakenly thought they understood but they did not. The future was constituent of paralyzing fear. In addition to that, there was a war waged against drugs.

In this piece, violence comes into play. Not only does it lead to great fear but results in death as well following to the assassinations. People, therefore, have to struggle, reeling under unprecedented strain to survive the impending danger that is acutely indescribable. This spices up the story and makes it even more interesting for the readers. That demonstrates the factual basis that the story is undeniably addictive.

Tom Clancy is definitely a success figure in the writing industry, owing to his exceptional piece. To emphasize the significant underpinning of the fact that he is endowed with incontestable prowess when it comes to writing, Tom Clancy’s name has been used in Scripts written by ghost writers.

In addition to that, his language is easy to follow and hugely inspirational at the same time. It offers very much in the way of the acquisition of more strategy skills when it comes to military science, espionage and also how to handle impending danger. Nonetheless, the problems of drugs also reign in.

These two books are only to mention but a few because Tom Clancy has other amazing pieces that he has to offer to the word. With the roundup information, it is evidently clear that this piece is appealing!


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