Cassandra Clare Month #1: City of Bones, City of Ashes

Popularly known for her bestselling Mortal Instruments series, Cassandra Clare was born as Judith Rumelt to her American parents, in Iran. Cassandra started writing when she was in Los Angeles with The Very Secret Diaries based on The Lord of the Rings and The Draco, a Trilogy, which was based on Harry Porter being her popular ones. Then came Cassandra Clare Month #1 in the mortal instruments series, the city of bones right up to the city of fallen angels. She is an amazing fiction writer.

City of Bones.

A fifteen-year-old Clary Fray goes to the New York City’s pandemonium club only to witness a murder committed by three teenagers in tattoos and with bizarre weapons. It’s hard to report such a murder to authorities because the body disappeared into thin air without a trace. Within a day, Clary is dragged into the world of Jace, a shadow hunter she had encountered for the first time. Clary’s mother is captured and she herself attacked by demons. Why would she be of concern to demons anyway? How did she get to know this sight? The shadow hunters are curious themselves.

The city of bones is made of characters including Jonathan Christopher as Jace, the orphaned child whose father was murdered by the circle members, Clarissa as Clary, Simon Lewis as the human best friend of Clary, but who later did not want to be just a friend. Also featuring are Isabella Sophia as Izzy, Alexander Gideon as Alec, Luke Garroway as Lucian Graymark, and Valentine Morgenstern as one of the shodowhunters.

For those lovers of mortal and demon based scenes, this terrifying, adrenaline-charging, and mysterious fantasy by Casandra Clare in the Casandra Clare month #1 series in the mortal instruments will surely take you on a ride you will never want to stop.

Some illusions in the novel can be traced to Holly Black, a close friend of Clare. Though there are those who think that the novel was too predictive, it is a compelling and addictive story and anybody who reads it will testify to that.

City of Ashes.

Clary Fray would like to live the normal life with his friend who is gradually becoming more than a friend, Simon. But her newfound brother, Jace in the shadowhunting world wouldn’t let her leave. For Clary, the only chance to help her mother is to track down Valentine who is probably Clary’s father and a mad demon who is allegedly killing all downworlder children in New York City. Later, the soul-sword, which is a mortal instrument is stolen and things get bizarre.

The city of ashes here is referred to the city that became very silent after the death of the Silent Brothers wear murdered, and the Mortal Sword stolen by Valentine and Agramon.

In this sequel to the city of bones, readers are sent back into the fearful grip of the city downworld. At this point, love becomes an unsafe thing to do whiles power turns into the deadliest temptation. It is a sequel that creates more suspense into the future, one that made me never to stop reading this series.

The novel depicts a scenery in a vampire or werewolf movie with its fearful characterizations and descriptions. The move exhibits scenes about blood drinking, homosexuality, teenage drinking and other supposed horror scenes are to be expected. On the flip side, It also exhibits love, smartness, romance and humor.

You can see a list of Cassandra Clare Books Here.


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